21 Clever Parenting Hacks You Can Find On Instagram

If you think Instagram is all about pictures of vacations, cats, and selfies, well, you’re kind of right. But it can also has become a place to grab a few quick lifehacks to stimulate the hardest job in the world parenting a little bit easier. And as an added bonus, there are additional summer hackers […]


Rescued Puppy Procures A Friend In A Rescued Kitten

It’s sad to think about it, but the great majority of puppies and cats at pet stores come from puppy mills. These animals are raised in deplorable conditions, and many that survive suffer from serious health issues. On top of that, almost all of these animals are emotionally scarred in some way from the ordeal. […]


Leona Lewis on joining Broadway’s Cats: ‘The show’s got a lot of heart’

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The X Factor built her a global starring, then she provided Jimmy Page with his proudest post-Zep moment. Ten years on, Lewis is inducing the leaping to Broadway When it comes to credentials for a long career in pop, winning The X Factor has proved about as reliable as a certain degree from Trump University. […]


Watch Out New Zealand: Trump Escapees Flock to Immigration Website

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New Zealand is about 8,000 miles from the U.S., but Americans are flocking there — at least to the countrys immigration website. In the wake of the most fractious U.S. presidential election in recent memory, Immigration New Zealand has been inundated with web visits from U.S.-based Internet users with thousands registering their interest in its […]


Meet Patton, the Goldendoodle who hopes to become the next ‘First Dog’

Patton is seen inside his Manalapan, Fla ., home.( Capehart Photography) Patton, a 9-week-old Goldendoodle and offspring of American military hero service puppies, likes to swim outside his Florida home, feed scrambled eggs and carry around a giant rawhide bone. He’s also poised to become the next “First Dog” to run the grounds of the […]