The Difference Between Dogs And Cats

There’s no right route to raise a child. Since the beginning of day, parents have struggled to figure out the best methods for teaching their kids about the world. How to stroll, talk and go to the bathroom are just a few of the many learning experiences that parents must go through with their children. […]


How Artificial Intelligence Can–and Can’t–Fix Facebook

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Facebook has problems. Fake news. Terrorism. Russian propaganda. And maybe soon regulation. The company’s solution: Turn them into artificial-intelligence problems. The strategy will require Facebook to make progress on some of the biggest challenges in computing. During two congressional sessions last month, CEO Mark Zuckerberg referenced AI more than 30 periods in explaining how the […]


Pet Translators Could Be A Thing Within The Next Decade

Sammy Davis Jr’s dream to “Talk To The Animals” could soon become reality. In 2017, an Amazon-sponsored future trends forecast predicted the arrival of a pet translator within the next 10 years. Meet Con Slobodchikof, who is currently working on an algorithm that could translate the audios and body movements of animals into English. Slobodchikoff, […]


So, Barbie’s a Hologram Now. Oh, and She Responds to Your Voice

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Mattel introducedits first Barbie doll way back in 1959, and she’s found herself at the centre for human rights of cultural disagreement ever since. To her credit, she keeps adapting to the times. Today sheis actually several Barbies, a gang of dolls more diverse and less infuriating in terms of body proportions. And she’s enjoyed […]


New Study Reveals The History Of Cats Global Empire

These days, cats expend most of their period starring in YouTube videos, although before the Internet was made use of cats, these adorably aloof felines had a range of other jobs that attained them useful companions for mankind. As a outcome, we have tended to bring them along with us on our empirical voyages, allowing […]


Can you find the cats hiding in this Latvian mayor’s 360 -degree office photo?

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Politicians everywhere, take note if you want a quick, surefire style to boost your popularity, start sharing more photos of your pets. Even better, take a foliage out of the Mayor of Riga’s book and share a 360 -degree Facebook photo encouraging people to spot your cats. SEE ALSO: Can you find this secret agent […]


The evolution and secret destiny of frog memes

OK, hear me out, but I believe theres a Frog Messiah coming. Ive been researching the signs and prophecies; Im on some Da Vinci Code shit here. Ive ever seen/ read The Da Vinci Code , but its about a messiah, yeah? Obviously, I first saw the signs during the height of Dat Boi. There […]


Why Its So Hard To Ignore A Babys Cry, According To Science

Have you ever been sat on a flight with a screaming newborn in your vicinity, wondering more and more with each successive weep how much longer you can stand the audio? Or maybe youve been a parent, barely able to resist for a second before running to allay your precious infants ear-piercing distress? Most of […]