In A Nasty Divorce, Who Get The Dog?

Relationships — weddings included — sometimes fail in an epic manner. Dividing up can take an emotional and financial toll, and if anger or rancor or retaliation plays a role, things can get downright biting. Let’s cut to the chase. Houses can be sold, and most of our property can be divided — and legally […]


6 Species That Attain Humanity Look Primitive By Comparison

Human beings have done a lot of amazing things: medical breakthroughs, space travel, snack packs … all delightful examples of ingenuity at its finest. If there are mysteries with our bodies, our galaxy, or our desserts, we will solve them handily. It’s truly beautiful. But, is it possible that, when you add up a listing […]


5 Insane Answers For Questions You Didn’t Know You Had

Have you ever had a question enter your brain that consumed you until you figured out the answer? Not complex things like “How does day operate on the event horizon of a black hole? ” I’m talking about small things, like “Why doesn’t saran wrap cling to things anymore ?~ ATAGEND” or “What does human […]


This Guy Loves His Bees So Much He Took Them For A Ride Around Town…WTF?

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Humans are very social beings, so it merely stimulates sense that we love having pets to care for and keep us company. While it might not make much logical sense to spend thousands of dollars and years of our lives loving a animal of a different species, we do it anyway. For some, though, when […]


20 Golden Retrievers That Will Totally Make Your Day…Well, Golden

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Growing up with puppies is a true exhilaration. Growing up with golden retrievers is a dream come true. Like all puppies, goldens are always excited to see you, are super cuddly, and foster endless belly scratching. The only difference is that these fluffy balls of pleasure are alsoes super cute from the moment they’re born […]


4 Terrible Celebrity The World Has Given A Free Pass

The world loves some good celebrity gossip, especially if it’s the sort about how a celebrity may be some kind of ogre in a Hollywood flesh suit. Look at James Woods — man, is that guy terrible. He sued a guy for slandering him on Twitter, then kept suing him after he died. He also […]


Freshly Identified Pig Virus Could Pose Lethal Threat To Humen

Scientists are concerned that a new virus identified in animals in the United States could pose a deadly threat, after it has been found to be able to infect human cells. Lab tests have shown that the pathogen can readily leap between cells of different species, including animals, birds, and most worryingly for those trying […]


Cat Pile Is The Game We All Need Right Meow!

Remember that oh so fun game Jenga? Ya, the one where you build a full tower and one by one take out pieces until someone takes the wrong one and it all arrives falling down ?! Now you’re probably smiling and thinking of all those fun memories! Well, fortunately for the cat fans and jenga […]


A New ‘Kitten-Garten’ Could Save 1,000 Kittens

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There’s a sad truth to kittens. Sometimes, because of lack of funding and space … they don’t always make it. Thankfully chiefly have realise this and are making a difference. Like the Pasadena Humane Society who will be giving kittens between 4 to 8 weeks old, a chance at life through the new “Kitten-garten” program. […]