This Is What An Median Day Looks Like In A 24 -Hour Kitten Nursery…Adorable!

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Kitten season is a term used by animal shelters for a period that occurs when cats tend to give birth in bigger numbers, inundating animal shelters and rescue groups across the nation with a huge amount of homeless litters. The San Diego Humane Society’s Kitten Nursery is especially well equipped for kitten season, taking in […]


‘Mayhem’ as authorities try to capture 137 tigers at Thai temple

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Bangkok( CNN) Authorities armed with tranquilizer handguns are still are seeking to capture dozens of tigers at a controversial Buddhist temple in Thailand after temple personnel allegedly set some free to delay the process. “Yesterday was mayhem, ” Wildlife Conservation Office( WCO) director Teunjai Noochdumrong told CNN Tuesday.


Which Countries Have The Fattest Cats And Dogs?

While a lot of people may think chubby cats and puppies seem adorable, obesity is a real health problem for many pets in the United States. On Tuesday, veterinary clinic chain Banfield Pet Hospital released their annual report on the” nation of pet health ,”~ ATAGEND based on data from the 2.5 million puppies and […]


The Most Zen Cat Ever Chills With His Two Best Friends: Another Cat…And A Frog!

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This incredibly serene video features the most cold cat imaginable, Shiro, and his son Kuro. The two are enjoying a relaxing day outside on the roof of a car. But they’re not alone… A tiny frog appears to have found the perfect sunbathing spot — on Shiro’s paw. The three friends seem like they’re feeling […]


Facebook court filings hint at possible political future for Mark Zuckerberg

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Lawsuit over extent of CEOs control of company demonstrates committee voted to give him two-year leave if he serves in a government stance or office Mark Zuckerberg may intend to pursue government service while retaining control of Facebook, according to recently unsealed court filings in a case pitting the CEO against minority investors. The class-action […]


The 33 New Books You’ll Want To Add To Your Shelf Next Year

2017, ahoy! These are the books among others! that we can’t wait to read. January Ecco The Man Who Shot My Eye Out Is Dead by Chanelle Benz A debut collection that spans centuries and oceans, Benz’s book skips from adventure to adventure for an action-packed, imaginative read. Her stories explode with thrills, but also […]


Animal park shut after lynx escape

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionLynx at Borth Wild Animal Kingdom similar to the one that has gone missing An animal park has been closed as members of staff try to find an escaped lynx. The Eurasian lynx, about twice the size of a domestic cat, fleeing from Borth Wild Animal Kingdom, […]