These puppies are employing their robust sense of smell to sniff out cancer.


Alfie and Charlie are only four months old, but they’re already training to become cancer detection experts at the University of California, Davis. And oh yeah, they’re dogs. Have you considered Alfie and Charlie yet? These dogs will be sniffing out cancer at @UCD_Cancer! http :// P1T9CzlNW5 DMRUQo0JsF UC Davis (@ ucdavis) August […]


A kitten was rescued from Hurricane Matthew and adopted while wearing a sock

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The cat and its makeshift sweater fit perfectly into the palms of a veterinary assistant’s hands . A tiny kitten who survived the devastation of Hurricane Matthew was snuggled into a tube sock and cradled into the arms of a new family. The kitten was rescued from the storm and brought into Petsmart’s Banfield Pet […]


Jaguars May Have Evolved To Hunt Particularly Dangerous Prey

Jaguars have long been anoutlier in the feline world. It is unusual for a big cat to have a thickset body, well-developed head muscles, and substantial canines. Andwhile tigers and lions prefer to grab the underside of their prey’s neck and crush their windpipe until they suffocate, jaguars instead bitethe nape of the neck, crushingthe […]