A Japanese Company Is Fostering Employees To Bring Their Cat To The Office To Help Them Cope With Stress And Fatigue

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Sounds like a win-win for everybody 1 aEURoeFerrayaEUR, A Japanese IT firm, has officially introduced an aEURoeoffice cataEUR policy to combat the stressful surrounding of the Japanese workplace Via: Metro 2 A total of nine fur friends are allowed to freely wander around in the office and do whatever their little hearts desire. Via: Metro […]


India Officials Hope Calvin Klein Cologne Will Help Trap Tigress

India officials are hoping to trap a man-eating tigress and her two cubs with a unique strategy: using Calvin Klein’s aptly named Obsession for Men cologne as a lure. The tigress, who is known as T-1, and her nearly year-old cubs, roam 57 square miles of territory and have terrorized thousands of farmers and villagers. […]


Mexico City teams rush to save woman trapped in rubble days after earthquake

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Rescuers say they have identified signs of life from girl who lived on top floor of Tlalpan neighbourhood building that collapsed like a sandwich Rescuers tunneled through the rubble of a collapsed apartment complex, trying to reach a woman believed to be still alive in the ruins 72 hours after an earthquake rocked Mexico City. […]


Family Who Adopted Dying Puppy Gets A Big Surprise

There are certain harsh realities in the world the hell is easier not to think about. If we took hour each day to dwell on all of the sick and deserted animals in our society, we’d have little time to get anything else done. Regrettably, these problems, difficult and challenging as they are to think […]