10 Cat That Learned The Hard Way NOT To Play With Bees

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Bees are an important part of nature. Their pollen-spreading habits maintain many parts of our lives in balance( even when we don’t realise it ). Unfortunately, there are many kinds of bees( and their buzzy insect cousins) that can also attain us a little uncomfortable with their defensive stings…

…and these cats discovered that a little too late.

1. If you pretend it didn’t happen…then it didn’t?

2. Something about this cat get stung…makes me hypnotized by his eyes!

3. But, you look so wise!

4. Huxley may have feed a bee. Maybe…

5. Don’t fret , nobody will notice…

6. It looks like someone could be Rudolph this year.

7. Lesson learned. Don’t eat bees!

8. This is why you shouldn’t high-five a bee…

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9. Cat eats a wasp, and looks like Jay Leno?

10. Give me a high paw…oh wait…

( via Bored Panda)

Dear Cats,

We would like to wholeheartedly apologize for how much we just laughed at your mistakes. We didn’t mean anything by it.


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