10 Things To Do In Amsterdam That Have Nothing To Do With Weed

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Amsterdam might be best known for its vices that are loose and legal to indulge in. Things like marijuana, prostitution and such. But Amsterdam is a pleasant surprise for those who visit it with an open mind.

Theres actually a lot to do in this city beyond only smoking weed and getting high.

Its the perfect gateway country for first time visitors to Europe. Its modern, shivering and quaint, dedicating off the vibe that youre not actually that far away from America, despite being 4,500 miles from home.

Its also not a huge culture shock the style other countries in the world can be to a tourist whos never intersected the Atlantic Ocean.

Here are things to do in Amsterdam that dont involve the narcotic culture 😛 TAGEND

1. Rent Bikes.

Biking in Holland is pretty much the equivalent of walking in New York City. Although there are roads and streets for cars, buses and mopes, manual bicycles are the most popular form of transportation.

Get a true Dutch experience by renting a bike to get around during your stay in Amsterdam. Do your best to blend in with the locals and keep abreast in the motorcycle lanes.

2. Albert Cuyp Market.

Every Monday through Saturday, this block-long market pops up and feeds the De Pijp neighborhood with delicious foods, liquors and items to take home.

Its a cheap route to fill up on produce, snacks, on-the-go eating and grocery items for cooking your own dinners. Get lost in the voices and smellings, or pop into apub for a brew and some people watching.

3. Explore De Pijp.

The De Pijp neighborhood is known for its restaurants, cafes, bars and other foodie-favorites. If youve got no agenda and want to gowherever your nose lands you, only walk around the neighborhood for an array of dining policy options and beautiful facades.

4. Heineken Experience.

Its touristy and a little cheesy, but you have to do it. And its pretty cool to see the process of brew being constructed. Plus, you can customize your own bottle of Heineken to take as a souvenir.

Whether its with your first and last name, your cats name or your moniker, theyll write it on the bottle for a keepsake that youll likely never drink, or at least toss out. And theHeineken Experienceincludes two free brew tastings with thetour!

5. Museums.

Head to the Museum Square in southern Amsterdam and check out some cool galleries and exhibits. Everything from the iconic Anne Frank House( which you can actually climb into just like she did during the course of its war ), to the Cheese Museum, Van Gogh Museum or the MoCo Museum( Modern Contemporary) where you can check outthe #Banksyexhibit for a limited time.

6. Picnic in Vondelpark.

Vondelpark is this perfect little park in the center of Amsterdam that is full of riders and loungers. Whether you go there to listen to livemusic, chill out or play games, packing a picnic is a great way to experience it. You can drink out in the open, so I highly indicate some bubbly to accompany your finger sandwiches and sliced cheese.

7. Eat at Cafe Loetje.

Lets take a moment to discuss the food in Amsterdam its very diverse. You can find everything from Indonesian restaurants and steakhouses to Dominos pizza and Chinese take-out.

But a popular restaurant in Amsterdam that actually serves some classic Dutch menu items is Cafe Loetje. It has numerous locations throughout Amsterdam for good reason. So delicious, I eat there twice in a four-day span. Want I say more? Merely do yourself a favor and go.

8. Bloemenmarkt.

The famous bloom marketplace of Amsterdam is a beautiful maze of colours and perfumes. They sell everything from fresh flower arrangements to seedlings, but even if youre not there to take some botany home, its its own experience to check out!

9. Tour the Canals.

Amsterdam is situated on many canals. Like Venice, but a little cleaner and less smelly. While the canals are not the main form of transportation( see item number one about renting bikes; they have real roads that fit autoes and buses as well) the canals offer a look into the history of Amsterdam. Take a small tour on an open barge and learn little facts and myths about the city from its channels.

10. Sample Cheese.

Cheese is a very Dutch thing, so its only right you spend some time exploring the varieties and tasting the many flavors of dairy goodness. Reypenaer Cheese Tasting Room offers one-hour cheese tastings led by an expert cheese master( yes, thats a thing) so youll know all there is to know about cheese and how it pairswith wine.

Amsterdam is the type of city you can find yourself get acclimated to, and the perfect city for exploring and learning whats beyond the reputation of Amsterdam as we know it.

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