16 Amazing Animal Hybrids That You May Not Know Exist

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Remember when you were a kid and you’d describe your favourite animal but, instead of straight-up drawing a lion or something, you’d throw some wings on it and maybe a couple of flippers ?

You’d end up with some sort of reject Pokemon but that’s not the phase. The phase was science!

Hybrids that “youve never” guessed could actually happen. But what’s this? There are hybrids? Whhaaaaaat ?!

1. Beefalo

A hearty cross between kine and buffalo, the Beefalo does less ecological damage to the Earth than its cow cousins, but Beefalo breeding has led to preservation problems with Bison. Imagine being named after the meat you attain … it’s a cruel world.

2. Cama

A mad scientist constructed one of these bad sons in the crazy 90 s where reference is mixed a male camel with a lady lama in a test tube or something, thinking that it would construct lucrative fur. Only five have graced the planet. Other planets on the other hand … even less. Like none.

3. Coywolf

Crosses between Grey Wolves and Coyotes are rare since there’s so many millions of years evolution dividing them BUT it does happen. Smaller than a wolf, bigger than a coyote, the aptly named Coywolf has characteristics of both. And is just a little bit cute.

4. Dzo

When a wild yak sneaks into a farm and has it off with a cow, this is what happens. They’re pretty much exclusive toTibet and Mongolia and are famed for their bounty or milk and meat.They are larger and stronger than both kine and yaks, and are used as brutes of onu. Why aren’t there more of them around the world? They seem pretty handy…

5. Grolar Bear

Pretty much merely in zoos, the grolar bear may merely look like a dirty polar bear but it isn’t! It’s mixy-mix of a brown bear and a polar bear. There have been confirmed sightings in the wild, but they usually get shot by Alaskans…

6. Hinny

Basically a mule but the other way around. They’remale ponies and a female donkeys. They’re smaller than mules so no one actually ensure the phase in their own homes. That’s why they hardly ever happen.

7. Jaglion

When you get a male jaguar and a female lion to have a little cat lovin’, you get the coolest animals in the world. Jaglions are startlingly rare, however, and only really happen at wildlife sanctuaries.

8. Liger

Napoleon Dynamite’s favourite creature does truly exist but, sadly, doesn’t have magical powers. Cross betweenmale lions and female tigers, there’s a( very cool) myth that ligers never stop growing in their lifetime. This is, of course, a myth and they just grow freakishly big … and then stop. They are the largest cats and only exist in captivity.

9. Leopon

When a male leopard is lucky enough to get his aim away with a lady lion, the leopon is bear. It’s more or less impossible for this to happen in ze wild and, in so far, has been bred in captivity.

10. Mulard

… it’s a duck.

Well, amallard and a muscovy duck were made to have kiddiwinks the hell is bred strictly for eating purposes. They are unable to have children, themselves.

11. Narluga

Narwhals and Belugas have a common ancestry so it was only a matter of period until they got freaky. They are crazy-rare, however. But sightings have been increasing in the northern Atlantic with experts pointing thumbs at ol’ climate change.

12. Savannah Cat


It’s a cross between aServal, a kind of wild cat that lives in Africa, and a run of the mill House Cat. They’re fairly darn big and they behave a lot like puppies, weirdly. They wag their tails, play games but, on the downside, are mega pricey.

13. Tion

Not a Liger! This one is a cross between a male tiger and a female lion. They’re smaller than or equal in size to their mother species and that’s really about it. Oddly, tions and ligers can breed which leads to annoying names liketitigons( ding dong) and liligers.

14. Wolphin

So the name is a make use of mixing dolphin and whale but the wolphin has no whale in it. In fact, it is part false killer whale( which is actually in the dolphin family) and bottlenose dolphin. They’re very rare but do occur in the wild. There is only one in captivity.

15. Zebroid

Aa zebra and any other equine can make one of these bad-boys. These have been around for donkey years, even being mentioned in Darwin’s works. They tend to look like their non-zebra parent but with them cray cray stripes. Zebroids are common-ish in the wild, however they are very hard to tame.

16. ubro


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