16 Hilarious Rotties That Will Help You Abandon Those Stereotypes Forever

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When I was a kid, I knew a rottweiler. She was huge, her paws were the size of my face, and her name was Princess. And she was, in fact, a princess. Instead of snarling at passersby, she was much more interested in lounging around on the back porch and wondering why no one was scratching her belly. She didn’t rule the roost with an iron fist. Instead, she sashayed around in her sparkly pink collar looking for a little TLC.

Like pit policemen, however, rotties are pretty misunderstand. While it’s important to do some research before bringing a dog into your home, the fact of the issues is that individual puppies have different personalities. But if you’re still not convinced that most rotties are just big softies looking for love, here’s some proof.

1. This has “menace” written all over it.

2. Just look at this savagery!

3. Only true threats to society become BFFs with little chickens. It’s science.

4. Nothing tells “I’m a beast” quite like getting pushed around by a cat.

5. They are THE WORST on car rides.

6. And rotties definitely don’t play well with others.

7. You entirely shouldn’t let them near your kids…

8 . … like, ever.

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9. And cats? Forget it. Rotties will love them to death like the ogres they genuinely are.

10. See? HORRIBLE. He is seriously hugging the life out of that kitty.

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Can’t tell if the cat is enjoying this or not. JukinVideo

Posted by RantVideo on Thursday, September 3, 2015

11. Look at her simply not assaulting that husky at all. Typical.

12. They’re terrible because they’re notorious heart thieves.

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13. He’s just waiting to strike.

14. Never in my life have I been confronted with so much evil.

15. Ugh. Appear at those two being vicious and gazing off into the sunset.

16. If terror had a mascot, this would be it.

See? These big lugs are just looking for love. There are so many rottweilers battling stereotypes and wishing for eternally homes, so if you’re planning on adopting a large puppy in the near future, why not learn a little bit more about rottie adoption? Save a life and gain a best friend in the process!

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