18 Animals Who Are So Confused By All This Sorcery

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Our pets are so wise when it comes to matters of treats, belly scratch, and trips to the park. But ask them to explain complex matters like memory foam or lemons and you’ll likely be met with baffled silence.

Take it from these confounded pets…what you’re showing them is surely sorcery.

1. “Wait…what in the? ”

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2. He’s so confused as to why these treats don’t savor like they commonly do…

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3. Lemons ARE terrifying.

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4. Admittedly, this kind of is sorcery…from a galaxy far, far away.

5. “What kind of cardboard box IS THIS ?! “

6. “This time around I’ll getcha…wait , no, this time.”

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7. “Just gotta clean this tasty cotton candy before I can eat i–…WHERE’D IT GO? “

8. In their defense, I don’t understand treadmills either.

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9. Not everyone masters drinking water their first time around…

Slightly longer source: https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v= cwanDkAlwBc

10. “DID YOU Assure THAT? “

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11. “What is this SORCERY? ”

12. “Is there something on my head? THERE’S SOMETHING ON MY HEAD.”

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13. Sticker is decidedly too sticky.

He was exploring and somehow detected a stray label that got stuck to his foot .

14. “Human made a funny! “

15. “Stop messing around, Dave. Where’s my string? “

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16. “Wait…where’d he run? I was talking to him! “

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17. “Did I actually put on ALL that weight? “

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18. “Dad? Is it actually you? I thought you were dead.”

* Sigh* They get confused so easily, but somehow, it merely builds them that much cuter!

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