20 Golden Retrievers That Will Totally Make Your Day…Well, Golden

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Growing up with puppies is a true exhilaration. Growing up with golden retrievers is a dream come true.

Like all puppies, goldens are always excited to see you, are super cuddly, and foster endless belly scratching. The only difference is that these fluffy balls of pleasure are alsoes super cute from the moment they’re born to their ripe old age.

If these photos don’t put you in a bright — dare I say golden — mood, I don’t know what will!

1. They’re so wiggly when they’re young.

2. It’s okay if you treat them like your babies. They’re pretty into it.

3. Golden litters are basically the best things ever invented.

4. They’re so majestic, they are generally make others look bad.

5. When you come home, they’re so overjoyed, they have to mark the occasion with a gift!

6. Did I mention they’re happy when you come home?

7. They love their humen so much, they let us do things like this…

8 . … And this.

9. The telling “less is more” couldn’t be more incorrect when it comes to goldens.

10. I entail, how could you choose just one?

11. True story: golden retrievers’ mouths are so soft they can carry eggs without breaking them.

12. They love sleeping in ridiculous places…like under the toilet.

13. “What? Do I have a piece of grass on my face? “

14. Heck, even cats like them!

15. And they’re pretty much the Disney princesses of dogs.

16. They desire human attention so much that sometimes they resort to desperate various measures to get it.

17. “I’m just a golden, standing in front of a rat, asking her to love me.”

18. No matter how old or big they may grow, they’ll always believe they’re lap dogs.( Because they are .)

19. The best part? They stimulate great companions to the young…

20. And old.

If these guys didn’t turn your frown upside down, scroll back to the top!

Or just watch this …

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