22 Of The Fluffiest, Cutest Cats To Curb Those Frosty Winter Blues

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The winter blues have finally set in. Sure, the days are “officially” becoming longer, but the climate is definitely also getting colder. In other terms, there are few things that will get you out of your warm bed — food, work, and maybe raining are on the list.

If you’re like me, though, there is one thing that warms me up just thinking about it — a big, adorable, fluffy kitten. Get ready to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

1. “First let’s get the bed all nice and warm for ya! “

2. She just wanted get for the purposes of the encompass with you.

3. “Yas all of the chin scratches! “

4. Chewbacca, is that you?

5. They’re judging you because you don’t have fur like them.

6. Even ears can be super fluffy!

7. “You’re feeling verryy warm and cozy inside…”

8. “Put. Me. Down.”

9. This is as close to a blanket as you’ll find in the cat kingdom.

10. Wait, I was wrong.

11. So, so wrong.

12. They’re going to grow up to be majestic Maine coons!

13. “I fierce and fluffy! Fear me! “

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14. No dishonor in her fluff game.

15. “What is cold? Ever was just thinking about that? “

16. “Higher, human! I can’t see all my kingdom.”

17. Are you even real ?!

18. He’s the cutest foot warmer that ever existed.

19. I don’t know where the cat aims and the comforter begins.

20. “Fine, you can touch it.”

21. All that fluff can get heavy!

22. That’s just a pillow with a tail, right?

Okay, that’s definitely not a cat, but this fluffy cow was too cute NOT to include!

I simply have one thing to say…

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