22 Super-Cute Animals With Exponentially Cuter Names

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Coming up with a name for your furry new friend is not an easy one. Just like human newborns, their name will influence how they make friends at the park, are introduced to new people, and overall…their personality.

Okay, well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but our fur babies are part of the family!

Regardless of how much thought you did or didn’t put into your cutie’s name( I have a whole story for my Mila ), these little ones have names that might just rival their ridiculously adorable looks.

1. “Cooper…Special Agent Dale Cooper.”

2. I believe Dobby is definitely fitting here.

3. Everyone, say hello to Stache.

4. Thor rules with his mighty adorable eyes.

5. I could actually feed Mochi right up.

6. Okay, so Dracula isn’t your usual “cute, ” but this guy is changing the rules.

7. “That’s MISTER Samuel L. Barkson to you, sir.”

8. A pug named Poncho? Stop it. Stop it right now.

9. I merely fell in love with Daisy Mae. If you didn’t, you have no soul.

10. This regal son took some hikers on a quest — they dubbed him Gandalf.

11. Yuki, you cutie.

12. Miso is the most beautiful cat I’ve ever laid eyes on.

13. “Hi! I’m Reese. Hi there. Hi! “

14. You wouldn’t guess it, but Gizmo is a girl.

15. Braille was born without eyes, but she’s the apple of ours.

16. Fudge is just as sweet as his namesake.

17. And Monroe? Well, she’s quite the flirt.

18. Barnaby has reached peak relaxation levels.

19. “I have a pot bellied animal named Bacon, so this is my new pug Eggs…” Appropriate.

20. My childhood dreamings just came true…this is Dancer!

21. “Found this guy hiding in my wife’s vehicle. We named him Dipstick.” I’m in love.

22. Rescue Helicopter was named by a three-year-old.

Man, I wish I had a cool name like Rescue Helicopter!

What did you name your fur newborn? Share it with us in the comments!

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