25 Animals That Are Plotting To Kill You For That Last Piece Of Pumpkin Pie

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The glorious, gluttonous celebration of Thanksgiving fills our hearts with love from family members or friends as we fill our bellies with maybe one too many assists of our favorite dish. Green bean casserole is my downfall every year. I can’t even make it to dessert.

But with all our cook, eating, nap, and eating some more, we forget about some very important buddies who simply want a small bite for themselves. I’m talking about our animal pals, of course, and if they don’t get their slice of some Turkey Day action…well, let’s just say things can get pretty ugly.

1. “Drop the cornbread and no one gets hurt.”

2. “Who are you calling ‘already too fat’? “

3. “Wouldn’t it be a shame…if a hairball…fell in the casserole…”

4. “Give me that pie or I’ll make sure you don’t sleep for three weeks straight.”

5. Honestly, I don’t want to know what this guy has up his sleeve.

6. “I mean, if you really think about it, giving me your dessert is GOOD for you.”

7. “Nope , no stuffing in here! Just some totally normal shredded paper! “

8. I knew he was paying too close attention when grandmother explained about “switch sticks.”

9. “Those aren’t raisins in the fruit salad.”

10. “That’s right, spoon that cobbler right into my bowl.”

11. “This glass wall can’t hold us back forever.”

12. “Zip it, the fuzz is back.”

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13. “Yes, I can definitely fit that whole turkey in my mouth.”

14. “Don’t worry, the safety is on. For now.”

15. “Yeah, just leave that bad boy to cool on the stave. I’ll take real good care of it.”

16. “This means war, small human.”


18. Researching the best tactical methods.

19. “Prepare for the lashing of your life! Hey, stop saying it tickles! “

20. They’ve learned they can be more effective when they work together.

21. “I saw you eyeing my green bean casserole, kid.”

22. “I will not be ignored.”

23. “Really? Not even gonna toss me the gristle? “

24. “Oh, hey, how did this get in my hands? I guess it just really wants me to have that last drumstick! “

25. “Hello. Let’s have a little…chat about those leftovers, shall we? “

Remember: they know where you sleep and they aren’t above marking their territory all around the house for revenge. A smidge of turkey to maintain peace is probably worth it.

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