25 Puppies That Just Don’t Care About Invading Your Personal Space

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Personal space seems to be a entirely human theory. For me, I only want person in my bubble when invited. This, of course, constructs living in a city of eight million people a little rough, but I make it run. If someone breaks my own personal obstacle on the metro or standing in line at the coffee shop, they’re probably met with a mean glare or a little jab of my elbow.

Then again, this usually merely extends to other humen . Our fluffy, friendly fur buddies have no theory of personal space…but you know what? I’m actually 100% okay with it. These other pets and people? Maybe not so much.

1. “OH HAI.”

2. “I finished your work for you. Okay, I didn’t, but please love me! “

3. “What? She’s way more comfortable than the floor.”

A photo posted by @k_defoto on Nov 21, 2015 at 7:14 pm PST

4. “I thought you’d be lonely in here.”

5. She wakes up like this every day.

6. “Get. Him. Off.”

7. “Who said you could stop butt-scratching ?? “

A photo posted by Jillian Kelly (@ jill_kellyy ) on Nov 23, 2015 at 9:05 am PST

8. “Okay, your two seconds are up, Jim.”

9. “Did you say something? “

10. “I couldn’t hear you from over there.”

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11. “I get top next time.”

12. “Did you gain some weight, Todd? “

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13. He does this when he has nightmares…which is every night.

14. “Mom. MOM. MOMMMM I brought you a doll! “

15. She may never develop a sense of personal space…but he’s okay with it.

16. “I thought your nose appeared cold.”

17. “Remind me again why we got another one ?? “

18. He decided she’s never leaving again.

A photo posted by Josh Sepich (@ j_dub_sep ) on Nov 26, 2015 at 7:53 pm PST

19. “Did you need some help with that? “

20. “OH CAMERA! Get my good side! “

21. “See…isn’t this nice? Just spending time together.”

22 . … And she was never heard from again.

23. “You’re the one who set the coat on me…I’m just trying to preserve heat.”

24. “DUDE.”

25. The cat are formally given up.

This one…not so much.

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