25 Super-Stealthy Animals Who May Or May Not Be Actual Ninjas

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Every time I sit down on my sofa, my cat makes a beeline for my lap. Even if I’m use my computer and too busy for snuggles, he persists with his stealthy ears bent back and slowly, ever so slowly , creeping under my arm. Of course he always succeeds, but not because of what he believes are awesome ninja moves. Genuinely, he’s merely too cute to keep telling no to.

Some of these little nuggets have a few more abilities than my fur ball, but others seem very familiar…

1. “Front of the stairs? PSHAW.”

2. “That bird is mine.”

3. “Gonna getcha! ” “Too slow! “

4. He just doesn’t know why he runs out of food so quickly…

5. “Look at me! I’m a snoop! I mean, don’t look at me! I’m not here! “

6. The hanger ogre ten-strikes when you least suspect it.

7. “Not sharing your burgers, huh? Oh, we’ll see about that…”

8. And you thought cats were the sneakier ones.

9. “Doors? We don’t need no stinkin’ doors.”

10. Stealthy smooches are the sweetest!

11. We’ve all been this cat:

12. “Oh, uh…how’s it hanging? “

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13. “Shh, I’m gonna spook mom! “

14. “I was just stretching! “

15. “What? Is there something behind me? “

16. I think someone just got grounded. Totally worth it.

17. “Wait! Teach me your ninja routes! “

18. He’s definitely singing the Pink Panther topic in his head.

19. “Oh no, it’s too high and scary! Haha, JK, I got this.”

20. The blanket vigilante ten-strikes every night.

21. “Mission control, this is Alpha 1. She left her cereal milk bowl out. The time to strike is now! “

22. No one knows how the mattresses or this cat get here.

23. “Easy…easy…careful…”

24. Breakdancer or ninja…you decide.

25. Mission: Impossibly Cute

Seriously, the CIA may want to interview some of those cuties to make sure they’re on our side. I’d dislike to think what might happen if they got into enemy hands.

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