33 Things I Am Done Apologizing For


One day, I realized that I was saying sorry all wrong. Its taken me long enough to realize that I dont owe it to anyone to be sorry about these 33 things, and quite frankly, neither do you.

1. Being Who I Am

I know why this is a thing, but for a long time, I felt awkward in my skin and the space that occupied. Rather than espousing both things, I would apologize. Sorry for breathing, sorry for having an opinion, sorry for being the route that I am. And then one day it make me, this is not a style to live. I dont owe anyone an apology for being here, there, or anywhere.

News flash: neither do you.

2. Not Thinking Something Is Funny

Laughter should always be genuine. Why do we laugh at bad jokes that arent bad in a good way? I am not sure, but I can tell you that I dont anymore. If I dont get it, I dont laugh and it feels great. It is actually very liberating because when I do laugh, I know that I entail it every single time.

3. When People Bump Into Me On The Street

Whenever a stranger bumps into me, I mumble sorry even if they never do. I have worked to train myself to simply move past the moment. I do not need to apologize for something that is not my error.

4. Things I Am Not Sorry About

I am done apologize simply because society teaches that it is best to be sorry. I for one am not sorry half the time when I feel an urge to apologize. It takes away some of the sentence when I truly am apologetic, so I only bite my tongue and think of something else until the moment passes. I try to only say sorry when I entail it.

5. Bad Behavior Of Other People

If someone is rude, why am I sorry? I am not responsible for “peoples lives” decisions. How can I be sorry for someone elses actions or lack thereof. It made no sense to me so I have decided to stop. I can only be accountable for me after all.

6. My Personal Style

I do not need to apologize for garmenting up when others dont, or for wearing overalls when I want to. I can wear a fro, a wig, braids, shave my head, buy a dress, wear pants instead, it really is my bellow. I love my style and enjoy experimenting with it. For that, I owe not one person an apology.

7. Not Being Into Pets

#NotSorry. Some people love their puppies, some people love their cats, some love reptiles, and some like fish. You get the phase. They dont say sorry. Why should I? I like my home pet-free. I have tried to force myself to like pets, but I only dont and I wont pretend anymore. I can think some are cuter than others, but I will never own one and that is okay with me.

8. Asking For Help

I always use to start with Sorry when I asked for help and now I just ask. Its perfectly normal to not know everything and asking for help is how we learn. No need to apologize for wanting to develop.

9. Not Cleaning All The Time

I think a lot of people do this. When person unexpectedly pops into town or wants to stop at my place, the first thing I do is apologize for the mess if there is one. Well, at the least I used to. Now I just say yes or no if I believing stopping over is a good idea. I cant clean every day and live the life that I do. So I am okay with my human restrictions, and I know now that I am okay to decide the limits from time to time.

10. For My Boundaries

I used to apologize for not sharing certain details of my life, but truthfully not everything is everyones business. I have a right to privacy. Plus, boundaries are essential. No need to apologize for necessities.

11. When I Do Well

I think this was my style of trying to construct people feel better about themselves or for me to feel like I wasnt drawing attention to myself, but in reality, it is stupid. If I do well, I do well. No need to dishonor me for that or for me to hide my accomplishments. There are enough people in the world who are not on my side, I dont need to tear me down too.

12. Telling The Truth When Asked

When people ask a question, and I answer it candidly the last thing I need to follow up my answer with is sorry because I am not. I am telling the truth. How can I apologize for that when they asked for it? I dont have to be a jerk to be honest and I definitely wont apologize for franknes either.

13. Eating What I Want

Free will, yo. I dont know why I would apologize for feeing things that I paid for to put into my body. Senseless.* fees the damn thing*

14. Get Up And Doing What Needs To Be Done

Why am I apologizing for doing what I notice needs to be done? I realized that whenever I did this it was actually a super passive way of calling people out for not doing what I thought they should be doing. I didnt like that, so I stopped. Now I simply do the thing in silence( or with headphones) and its cool.

15. Standing Up For What I Believe In

If I cant stand for it or on it then I dont believe in it. I am proud of myself when I believe in something enough to stand my ground for it. It should stimulate me proud , not want to apologize.

16. Seen

Sue me. I saw your message and didnt react. Life happens. Why should I have to succumb to the pressure of immediate responses? Life happens. Nevertheless, I do not turn my read receipts on for the sake of not dealing with that kind of drama, but I dont feel rushed to answer/ or have someone respond to me. I believe in exhaling and I dont guess anyone needs to apologize for that.

17. Taking Some Me Time

I need space. You need space. This is not grounds for an apology. This is a testament of our anatomy. Pauses are so healthy and essential. The apology for it? Unbelievably needless.

18. Use My Money For Things I Enjoy Too

I dont simply work to pay bills. Why should I hide my new watch, nice dress, and/ or new accessories? I budget and spend when I can. I work for my fund so I can expend it on myself as well as others; no apology needed.

19. The Upgrade

In line with the spending of my money. Upgrading my phone, laptop, camera, etc .? I dont consider why I need to say sorry for that. If it needed to be done…It is likely to be done.

20. Having A Good Time

Life is short as is. I dont wishes to expend it being miserable. I can enjoy my life and be present in the moments. I dont need to check my phone every 8 seconds or be at anyones beck and call. I can have a good time. Its essential really.

21. Binging On TV/ Social Media

Not. Every. Day. Must. Be. Productive. Sometimes, taking hour for me to me means shutting off. It means forgetting about the world and tuning into the television, and that is OK.

22. Going To The Gym

I have some friends who complain about their bodies but do nothing to change it, and that is not my burden to carry. If I want to work out, I work out. If I dont, I dont. I dont tell people how to live and they dont owe it to me to be healthy or unhealthy so I will not be shamed or made to feel guilty for going to the gym. My body, my call.

23. Eating A Lot

When I want to eat, by golly, I eat. No apology. I have some crumbs left on the plate though if youre interested.* belch* whoops.

24. My Morals

My morals are my beliefs and my boundaries married together to construct me. I already said I cannot and will not apologize for who I am, so looks like my morals are here to bide. If that get pushed/ challenged too much in a disrespectful manner…you may not have the opportunity to keep pushing those boundaries.

25. Wearing Too Much Or Too Little Make-Up

Pretty is not the rent I pay to be a woman is a quote/ notion that I stand on. I can wear as much or as little as I desire. It is not up to anyone else how I present myself. If I commit to it and walk out my home that route, then that is what its going to be.

26. Being Emphasized Out

My stress is mine to experience, to feeling, and to deal with. I dont need to put my stress on anyone else, but I also dont need to say sorry for being stressed about anything.

27. Talking A Lot/ Too Little

If I am comfy, I will share. If I am not, I wont. If person doesnt want to listen, they can excuse themselves. If they do, they can ask. No need for apologizing here.

28. Double Posting On The Internet

My social media, my decisions. If I post twice, I can. If I dont post at all, I also can. Plus, who would I apologize to for this, truly?

29. Being Busy

Sometimes, people in my life want to hang out with me and I have schemes. I dont need to apologize for that. We are adults, we can plan another time. Itll work out , no need for guilt.

30. Trying Something New

I dont have to live my life doing the same old because certain people in my life are more comfortable that style. If it builds someone else uncomfortable or if it doesnt, is not really why I do or dont do things. If I want to try, I should. Life is soshort and restriction edition. Severely, we only get one shot. Why are we trying to spend it being sorry all the time?

31. Changing My Mind

We are people. People change, intellects included. It happens, it should happen, and when it happens, I dont need to always be sorry. Sometimes, its for the best. Sometimes, it leads to a learning possibility. Either way, I should simply own my decisions and what comes along with it.

32. Someone Elses Bad Mood

Not. My. Fault. Hey, I understand that people around me can be in a bad mood, and I can care for them, but I am not obligated to now be in a bad mood. I can be happy. I am not responsible for anyones sadness. I can sympathize, but it should not beexpected that I repeal my happiness in response.

33. Being Happy

My happiness is a gift to me, as it would be to anyone else. I have no need to say sorry for being happy. You dont either. Smile instead, and live your life.

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