7 Surprising Reasons Why These Clergymen Require Private JetsJust, Wow.

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I dont usually comment on other evangelists lifestyles…but this is worth discussing.

I dont usually comment on other evangelists lifestyles. And Im definitely not in the habit of publicly blaming other leaders, but I believed this issue was worth discussing together.

Maybe youve already seen it, but a video recently ran viral featuring two prominent prosperity gospel preachers, Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis, defending their utilize of personal jets.

Its so wild, that Id like to break it down, step-by-step. Im doing my best not to criticize these guys and their character, but to keep the discussion strictly on the legality( or absence thereof) of their arguments. If youve been blessed by their ministry, more power to you.

Also, frankly, Im not against personal jets if you have the money, but the reasons these rectors give are so absurd theyre nearly silly to me. So, as you will see, this post is a little tongue-in-cheek.

Watch the video and follow along, if youd like.

1. If I heard it correctly, God dedicated these rectors personal airplanes so they wouldnt “re going to have to” ride in a metal tube filled with demons like the rest of us . Yes, there is the danger of demonsespecially if youre in the back of the plane, but, as clergymen, arent we trying to reach people for Christ? Shouldnt they look at air travel as a metal tube filled with lost souls who need saving? Calling them demons seems a weeee bit self-serving in this argument.

But lets move on.

2. These pastors dont believe you can conveniently pray on a commercial aircraft so the natural solution is a multi-million dollar personal jet . Problem solved. If merely all our leadership problems had such a simple solution.In fact, sometimes I hear my children opposing in the car when Im trying to prayso I should probably get a limo with a chauffeur, right ? Baby Im worth it . I kid, I kid. 3. These pastor need personal jets because the commercial airlines are a mess and it could agitate their spirits . I would agree that traveling on commercial airlines can bring on the stress, but, um, thats called life. Toughen up buttercup. There are a lot of things that agitate our spirits, but spiritualizing everyday stress doesnt quite cut it for me. 4. They have personal planes so they can talk to God, alone . Um, I have a multi-million dollar solutionits called journaling. Ive had some of my best times with God on a plane. Surrounded by people, even! Real, live people. 5. They claim the devil could lie to us and construct us feel like these fat cats flying around in their personal jets for ministry is dead wrong . Again, utilizing the devil in this instance feelings more flimsy than anything. Placing the demon against themand their employ of personal jets for ministryfeels a little self-serving too.

6. They are in the soul business so they need a plane to get to tough places . Every pastor is in the soul business and, yes, there are a lot of remote places that need the gospel. But do these remote places have landing strip for personal jets? Is it genuinely that hard to get to the places they want to go using commercial airlines? Ill admit, if its true, it actually carries some weight. Person should do a little research to see if theyre flying into Papua New Guinea every other day. 7. They also need a plane because, well, SLEEP ! All I have to say is foxes have dens, my friends, foxes have dens

All kidding aside, Im not really blaming the fact that these rectors have personal jets, as much as Im criticizing the reasons they give for having onereasons that seem to separate them from the rest of us because of their spiritual value/ influence. I think rectors can have nice things, but when you have to make up crazy excuses about those things, well, the red flag go off for me.

As leaders, were under the spotlight and our decisions need to be discerning and wise.Again, if your ministry can afford a personal plane, then thats something you need to take up with God, but please dont say youre using it to avoid riding in a metal tube with demons just say its comfy and it gets you where you need to go.

Thats it and amen.

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