A Letter To Her Next Lover: Don’t Let Her Go

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Youre lucky. You genuinely are.

Please take care of her. Shes been through a lot and she deserves happiness.

I love her a lot- so please be patient with her. Shes kind, awesome, adorable, beautiful- everything a guy can dream of. She has the cutest smile in the world that will construct your knees quiver and make you a stuttering mess. If she sings in front of you or beside then shes comfortable with you.

Shes afraid when there is thunderstorm so be sure to call her, text her, Skype her, FaceTime her, or anything just to be there for her when shes afraid. Dont merely do it simply to score points, do it because you like it, do it because she entails a lot to you, do it because you want to, do it because you love her, because you want to see her smile. Do it because it induces you happy. Do it till she is secured and fast asleep. Merely imagine it. It attains you smile right?

Yeah dude it builds me smile too.

Shes everything to me so you better treat her with the respect that she deserves.

She deserves best available so give everything you got, treat her the Queen that she is. If youre not going to do it then leave it for someone else that will. That girl deserves best available in the world has to offer.

Also update her from time to time. Never miss an update because that will upset her and when shes upset youll be facing ferocity. But make sure to return it with love- not by facing it head on and being angry. Be there for her when she needed most and when she needs it the most.

She love cats and her newborn sister. She loves cute things. She loves SpongeBob and sunflowers and they will stimulate her happy. Her favorite chocolate is Kinder.

That kinder has a story for me. One day while I was at work, it rained until it flooded. A plenty of people were stranded in the street, with no cyclone signal whatsoever, just heavy rain. I dont know what came to my mind but I bought a kinder Bueno and walk through that inundated region until I reached my destination which was her school. The deluge came up to my knees after the rain and I was in my formal garb( minus the coat) so you can imagine what the heck was I was doing. Even I dont know, but what I do know is that I loved her from that day on.

As you can see love can construct you do a lot of things. It subdues a lot of obstacles which I had so many of that day.

Shes worth all the trouble.

There is likely to be nights that she will be late due to her chore, sometimes shell be drinking with her colleagues, friends, high school batch mates, and college friends. Just is felt that shes a strong woman who has priorities. Just dont forget to check up on her and reprimand her when shes going to do something wrong. Youll get there and know when to do it. All in all shes an amazing female. Dont you dare contradict that and ever forget that.

She gets jealous a lot. Truly. Her eyebrows will knit and looks like theres merely one eyebrow which is pretty cute. But she loves you if she does that. Dont misunderstand that. Just tell her and reassure her that you love her too.

About that, she requires constant reassurance, assure her that shes the only girl you love and will ever love. If youre going to say that then say it when you mean it. Not just telling and reassuring, but tell her you entail it and she means a lot to you. Dont just say it to please her because it will cost you.

Losing her was not something I had in intellect, I planned to grow old with her and cherish her with everything I have because she deserves the happiness that she gave me. She made me really happy. She was my world, she was everything to me and it all came crashing down into nothing. You will feel empty and it will never be the same.

Dont let her go.

Give what she deserve. I love her. Im praying you not to hurt her. Shes everything to me.

Give her your all and she will do the same. Shes best available girl that you will ever have. So you better treat her right and with respect.

Shell always be my little munchkin that I will always love.

To infinity and beyond.

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