Artist turns roadkill cat into beautiful thousand dollar handbag

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Cats merely live nine lives but their desiccated corpses can live many, many more.

Seven years ago, New Zealand artist Claire Hobbs detected a dead cat on a nearby road. After storing the cat in the freezer and searching through missing pets ads for three months, Hobbs chose she could put the cat’s body to good use and converted the dead kitty into a beautiful handbag. And now, she has now decided to sell it.

Isn’t she a beaut?

Image: trademe

Hobbs has been a taxidermist for the past 15 years. She made the cat purse as part of an exhibition seven years ago, and had now been decided to sell it on TradeMe, an online marketplace.

The cat bag currently retails for $1,027 US dollars.

Hobbs has pointed out that she converted the cat into a handbag because “he had a particularly nice face, and the rest of him was squashed.”

The bag has attracted an understandable degree of controversy, with critics claiming that Hobbs’s product was “disrespectful” to dead animals and potentially exploitative.

Hobbs, who owns two puppies, says she doesn’t kill animals for her run, and instead employs roadkill, or animals shot by her friend on his nearby farm.

But there’s more to Hobbs that cat handbags. Her TradeMe store includes such verifiable gems as: Taxidermy cat-birds, part-bird, part-cat hybrids, available for the low, low cost of $3,000.

Image: trademe

And whatever this is, for $7,500.

Why let the cat out of the pouch when you can just make it into one?

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