Ask Siri To Beatbox For You. Severely. Right Now.

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Did you do it? Did you ask? Did you ?

Well, patently you did. Because who in their right minds wouldn’t want to find another thing to add the list of things we half heartedly use to justify the amount of money it costs to own an iPhone.

It costs as much as a( very) small second-hand car? Who cares, it can beatbox AND occasionally last an entire day. So bloody worth it. Oh, and it comes in pretty colours too. Yes biggie.

We can’t help but wonder who first discovered this talent, and also why Apple don’t advertise it. Like seriously guys, put it in those hispter-esque artistic Tv ads – you can thank me later.

For those of you currently in public, or unable to get your hands on an iPhone, here’s what happens 😛 TAGEND

Boots and cats and boots and cats….

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