Blue whales tend to be right-handed — with one exception


( CNN) Here’s a real whale of a tale you can use at the Thanksgiving table to impress your in-laws or to fill that stillnes after Uncle Jack goes too far conveying his political passions: Most blue whales tend to be “right-handed.”

Then, when your Aunt Mary helpfully points out that whales don’t have hands, you can tell them that for decades, scientists believed only humans had a population-level predilection for one hand( 90% of us are righties; lefties are more commonly humen ); however, more recently, scientists have noticed that some animals do, too.

If this sends your family into a debate about evolution, you may prefer to keep this trivia to yourself; if, however, your family geeks out over science, here’s what you need to know to sound smart-alecky.( Save the detail about cats’ preferred handedness until the end. You probably don’t want your family to run off is whether or not Mr. Anderson Pooper is a southpaw or if Woof Blitzer is a rightie before dessert .)

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