Clinton senses big victory after Trump’s week of self-inflicted defeat

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Republican in tailspin over lewd remarks and alleged sexual misconduct as one GOP strategist says any other Democrat would be 15 points ahead, nationwide

In a Saturday Night Live skit last weekend, a CNN anchor flashed to Hillary Clintons Brooklyn headquarters for reaction to breaking news of a 2005 record of Donald Trump bragging about kissing and gropingwomen without their consent.

Clinton, played by Kate McKinnon, contorted awkwardly to Celebration by Kool and the Gang as personnel danced smugly behind her. Im sorry I didnt see you, she told the anchor as she twisted the cork off a bottle of champagne. We were so busy preparing for the debate tomorrow. I am analyzing so hard. Im really nervous for this one.

In the real world, with Trump hit by a torrent of allegations of sexual assault and nose-diving in the polls, the past seven days have dramatically altered the shape of the presidential race. Clinton has simply done everything in her power not to interfere.

Theres an old principle, said William Galston, a former adviser to Bill Clinton and now a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. When your adversary is hanging himself, get out of the way. The Clinton campaign is adhering to that principle.

This week, Clinton clocked thousands of miles on campaign trip-ups to battleground states. But she remained conspicuously quiet on the subject of the floundering Trump campaign. She has no public appearances scheduled for the coming days and aides said she would spend time preparing for the third and final debate next week.

Galston said Clinton was wise to concede the spotlight. A slate of powerful Democrats have travelled the country on her behalf, including her husband, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, vice-president Joe Biden and two senators, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

In a media craze such as this one, Galston said, there simply isnt room for a second narrative and if you pop your head up youre a part of that narrative whether you want to be or not.

Trump has forcefully denied the allegations against him. On Thursday Michelle Obama delivered a potent rejection of the Republican nominee and his therapy of women. At a fundraiser in San Francisco, Clinton praised the first lady speech. Commenting on her foes troubles and the travails of general elections, generally she said: It constructs you want to unplug the internet or simply look at cat gifs.

Ive watched a lot of cats do a lot of weird and interesting things.

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