Crazy cat lady word search is not as friendly as your crony Whiskers

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Animal-themed word searches are usually innocent and fun.

However, one kitty-themed puzzle is clearly out to take down the cat-loving folks who just want to curl up with their pet Whiskers and search for soothing words like “kibble” and “calico.”

Imgur user RhodesRugger posted a painting of a kitty-related term search captioned “Got my girlfriend a crazy cat lady coloring book as a joke.”

The word bank lists hidden terms such as cat, feline and meow, but as RhodesRugger pointed out via a highlighter, it is actually home to cat-lady stereotypes like spinster, lonesome and prozac.

RhodesRugger might start relating to hidden terms reclusive and lonely when his girlfriend dumps him for this sneaky prank.

The word search is actually part of a coloring volume made by gag shop Archie McPhee and is available on their website for $7.50, as are many other cat and crazy cat dame products.

Bonus : Watch as our fabulous model sports some of the past century’s most stylish feline looks.

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