Don’t give that GoFundMe to buy Republicans’ browser histories your fund


Have you find the viral GoFundMe campaign floating around that vows to buy and publish the web histories of every legislator and exec who is helping internet providers sell your data? Yeah, dont give that dude your money.

Im all for wacky clever revenge plots, but this one only looks like a straight up swindle. Whether self-proclaimed privacy activist Adam McElhaney means well or not( and he may ), this campaign merely doesnt make a lot of sense. And yet its already constructed over $110,000!

First of all, its not like this sort of thingis a true open market where perfectly anything goes. Private individuals cant simply waltz in, slam their fund on a table( what table ??) and demand targeted, de-anonymized internet data on individual users, successful GoFundMe campaign or not. Sure, advertisers can buy web userdata, but thats generally done in aggregate, and they have existing relationships that let them broker these kind of deals to begin with, sketchy as they may be.

Second, I entail, yeah, its hypocritical. If you care about privacy, like really believe in it, hurling your ideals out the window for a half-baked revenge plot isnt a very good seem. And like I told, I like revenge just fine. But its a dish best served cold, and anyone who dedicates a shit about privacy is still worked up from yesterdays nonsense. And, by the way, the GoFundMe wants to targetnot only the politicians and the telecom fat cat, but also their families ( check the fine print ). Not cool.

If you dont believe me , then maybe youll listen to Max Temkin, one of the creators of Cards Against Humanity, a company known for its often quite clever and wildly absurd crowdfunding strategies, like that time they dug a literal fund cavity with your fund. Dude apparently had the same idea, but even he thinks this GoFundMe situation is sketchy AF. This is coming from a guy who is literally sending potatoes to members of Congress.

Apparently this campaign doesnt create any red flags for GoFundMe, which provided TechCrunch with this statement 😛 TAGEND

The campaign doesnt violate our terms of service. We are working immediately with the campaign organizer to ensure the funds are managed appropriately. We promote the campaign organizer to be transparent and continually offer updates on the campaign page.

Well update when we hear more from GoFundMe about what that entails precisely or if McElhaney responds to our requests for comment. Like we told, hemight mean well, or he might not. It doesnt really matter. Save your money for the combats that do theyre probably just around the corner.

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