Foul play could be behind the disappearance of dozens of cats that used to call Main Street in Arlington, Texas their home, business owners claim.

A row of white intersects now encompasses two streets in Arlington where the feral cat community used to prowl. Each marker commemorates a kitten thats been found dead or has disappeared during the past two weeks, KTVT reported.

These cats of Main Street had a home, said Sarah Hughes, who works in the area.

The communitys industries had fed and cared for the cats, and an animal shelters trap-and-release program induced sure the felines were spayed and neutered. While the locals took care to control the cat population, the cats stimulated sure to control the rodent population, both sides benefitting from the relationship.

But recently, the cats have stopped coming for food and several have turned up dead.

A police report was filed and Arlington residents identified a member of the community who previously induced threats against the animals. No arrests have been made.

Why would someone even do that? Hughes told KTVT. I entail, they werent bothering anybody. Theyre well taken care of.