Gifts To Humanity Pair Adorable Kittens With Shirtless Men And Win The Internet

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Cats are great. Attractive people are great. Cats posing alongside attractive people are the greatest.

There’s something to be said for bloggers who mash up everything that restores our collective will to live. Take the folks over at Des Hommes et des Chatons, for example. When they started thinking about what the universe was lack, they determined that humanity would benefit greatly from watching side-by-side photos of felines simulating shirtless dudes.

And they were right. Although I’m pretty sure that they created their blog only to see how many people they could indirectly get fired, it’s still the best thing that has ever happened to this frigid, spinning ball of human ache and suffering.

Man’s best friend? Please.

Everyone knows that dawn is prime selfie time.

McDreamy who?

Paws so big, can’t assure my haters.

Cool story, bro. Tell me again.

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I just want someone to look at me like these two look at pineapples.

They’re both one latte and a pair of Uggs away from being every teenage daughter under the sun.

Have some wine, daughter. It’s rough out here and you deserve it.

Alright, alright, alright.

Pro tip: if you can’t ride your pony shirtless, only head-butt it instead.

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Smize game strong.

When you’re napping but also thinking really hard at the same time.

Knowing your slants is critical to selfie stardom.

“Sorry, I was just busy being too good for this Earth.”

As usual, the human is doing it wrong.

They’ve been ready for summer since 1965.

Lana Del Rey’s impact is so real.

( via My Modern Met)

See? What did I tell you? This is a blog full of buff, fuzzy boons. Oh, and guess what. You can stop slamming your laptop shut every time person strolls by and declare your love for these photos in plain view by grabbing an official Des Hommes et des Chatons calendar. Don’t be ashamed. You’re only human.

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