Golden Globes 2016: the start of the red-carpet limbs race

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From Alicia Vikanders sci-fi hipster chic to the power of arthouse ruffles, this weekends ceremony kicks off awards season but who will take home this years style gongs?

January isnt always awash with things to feel grateful for, but heres one: thank your lucky stars, right now, that you are not a Hollywood -Alister. At least the rest of us get to do the month in long polo-neck sweaters and flat ankle boots, but awards season Hollywoods most naked season, as well as its most nakedly competitive one starts hard on the heels of the new year, and there is no dress-down alternative. This Sunday, the Golden Globes will fire the starting firearm on a red-carpet season that will rev up again next week with the Oscar nominations announcement. Heres our pre-season sort guidebook to the faces and frocks to look out for, in the race to be crowned best dressed.

Alicia Vikander Does Vuitton Sci-Fi Hipster


Alicia Vikander at the Palm Springs international cinema festival awards, 2016. Photo: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images for PSIFF

Alicia Vikander is the name to watch on the red carpet this season. For a start, shes Swedish, which is to being cool and hip now what being French was 40 years ago. She is nominated for two Globes: for her role opposite Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl, and in the supporting category as robot Ava in Ex Machina. As the new muse and campaign starring for Louis Vuitton, a role previously held by Michelle Williams, she is ways golden daughter. Hollywood has always espoused quirky, offbeat, European-sophisticate actors, who provide the perfect foil for the homegrown white-toothed beauty queens. Alicia Vikanders enigmatic half-smile is very early-era Vanessa Paradis, and she brings a cool-girl, never-trying-too-hard effortlessness to red-carpet garmenting.( See: the art-studio half up-do she wore, along with a Virgin Suicides-ish Erdem ruffled dress, at the Palm Springs cinema celebration ). Expect to find the Vuitton-Vikander axis bring some haute-futuristic chic think Rey from Star Wars garments up – to the red-carpet season.


Louis Vuitton, springtime/ summertime 2016. Photo: Rex/ Shutterstock

Cate Blanchett Plays the Marc Jacobs Diva


Cate Blanchett wears Marc Jacobs at the Palm Springs international film festival awardings, 2016. Photo: Splash News/ Corbis

Cate Blanchett begins her red-carpet campaign as the reigning queen of Hollywood fashion. To her own unimpeachable style credentials she has added new ballast with her role in Carol, the years most gorgeously garbed movie. Costume designer Sandy Powell a triple Academy Award winner herself says that the tailored silhouettes, chic little hats and cats-eye sunglasses worn by Blanchett in Carol were based immediately on issues of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar from the winter of 1952/1953, when the cinema was defined, to give it real fashion credentials. On last years red carpets, Blanchett wore a lot of sculptural Margiela and Armani: the kind of difficult, anti-pretty garments whose subtext is: I can pull this off because I am awesome. Blanchett has started 2016 strong, debuting a long-sleeved, ice-blue Marc Jacobs gown, which was designed for Septembers NY fashion week demonstrate, but due to ambitious embroidery wasnt ready until an hour after display period. With Marc Jacobs a red-carpet force to be reckoned with, we have our fingers traversed for further Blanchett-Jacobs hook-ups incoming.


Marc Jacobs, springtime/ summertime 2016. Photo: Edward James/ WireImage

Leonardo DiCaprio Brings Back Burly


Leonardo DiCaprio at The Revenant premiere, Los Angeles, 16 December 2015. Photograph: Startraks Photo/ Rex/ Shutterstock

The Revenant hit on a new way to bring Oscar buzz with last years bizarre bear-rape rumours. But the fashion industry was already entranced by DiCaprios look: in some of the earliest released images from the cinema, he wears a giant, fluffy fur, which calls to intellect the golden age of Hollywood: suppose Bette Davis, in a white fur collared-coat.With Eddie Redmayne surely the prettiest ever contender for best actor, those performers without the elfin cheekbones to vies on Redmaynes turf may turn to DiCaprios bulkier, more primitive sort of manly glamour.( See also: Matt Damon in his spacesuit in The Martian .) Is DiCaprio in these overalls, as ensure on the Givenchy catwalk, too much to hope for?


Givenchy, springtime/ summer 2016. Photograph: SIPA/ REX/ Shutterstock

Brie Larson Gives Hollywood the Cold Shoulder


Brie Larson at the Palm Springs international film festival awardings 2016. Photograph: David Livingston/ Getty Images

To give the cold shoulder, in fashion terms, means the exact opposite of what it used to entail. A bare shoulder is spring fashions key appear, and what you put on display when you really, really wishes to impress. Brie Larson is in the spotlight for her role in Room, as a young mom held captive; she is aiming to offset the grittiness with a wholesome, upbeat red-carpet identity.( That she is taking her red-carpet charm offensive seriously can be seen in her employ of Cristina Ehrlich, LA power stylist .) Larson, once known for her eccentric options( loafers on the red carpet, tricky prints) has been zeroing in on athletic, simple bare-shouldered dress as a demure way to present scalp, and a surefire way to look on-trend. If she gets an Oscar nod, this Oscar de la Renta dress might well be on her shopping list.


Oscar de la Renta, springtime/ summertime 2016. Photograph: Rex/ Shutterstock

Rachel McAdams Ruffles Some Feathers


Rachel McAdams at the Oscars, 2010. Photo: Dave Gadd/ Allstar

Rachel McAdams is on a career high playing a succession of unfluffy female characters, to great acclaim: first, her awesomely dip-dyed turn in TVs True Detective, and now her role as a journalist in Spotlight, released in the UK later this month. Her style selections, however, remain distinctly fluffy. McAdams loves a ruffle, whether its Valentino for a black-tie event or Self Portrait for a TV interview. This sets her in pole position this season, owning a look that is catwalk gold right now. Guccis new-look ruffles have given the frilly dress an arthouse makeover. Accessorise with an undercut and some kind of pointy ear coat, for maximum impact.


Gucci. Photo: Gucci

Amy Schumer Heads Up a New-Look Balmain Army


Amy Schumer at Montrose Stadium 12 for a screening of Trainwreck, 2015. Photo: Duane Prokop/ Getty Images

I mean , no offence to Kendall and all but this is Cinema. This is Art. This is the season for directors to scream on stage about THE ETERNAL POWER OF STORIES. So got a couple of junior Kardashians and a bunch of models high on their Instagram power truly dont cut it, frankly. Balmain is a savvy enough brand to know when new ambassadors are called for, and, after Amy Schumers standout turn in a long-sleeved, graphic monochrome minidress at the MTV awardings, went Jane Fonda at the Hollywood film awardings in November, wearing a white crop-top jumpsuit. Amy Schumer , nominated for a Golden Globe this weekend for Trainwreck, would bring the party in this emerald Balmain number.


Balmain, spring/ summertime 2016. Photograph: David Fisher/ Rex/ Shutterstock

Dakota Johnson Wears Fifty Shades of Red Carpet


Chloe, spring/ summer 2016. Photograph: Rex/ Shutterstock

OK, OK, so shes not actually nominated, but does that really matter? Because if anyone has bragging rights over this seasons sexy-lady lingerie trend, it must be Fifty Shades star Dakota Johnson. And shes owning it, starring on the new cover of British Vogue, out the coming week, flashing lace-veiled boob in Celine black-and-cream slip dress of the season. The lingerie tendency is going to be huge in fashion this year even bridal style is reporting a move towards sheer lace, which should spice up a few weddings this summer and the red carpet will be at the vanguard of this. The peekaboo teats, which were everywhere at fashion weeks, would, of course, cause network meltdown at a red-carpet event, so expect garbs that make the illusion of undress: trailing, wispy straps and openwork lace worn over a malfunction-proof base layer. This risque-but-wholesome Chloe gown reworked with glam hair and heels – would make for a perfect Dakota moment.


Dakota Johnson at the Oscars, 2015. Photo: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

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