Heroic Russian Firefighters Brings A Kitty Back To Life After A House Fire

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Firefighters all over the world are known for saving cats stuck in trees. One kitty in Russia however, needed a much more dramatic rescue than that.

The poor cat became trapped during a house fire and needed urgent treatment to counter the effects of smoking inhalation. That’s when quick-thinking firefighters held an oxygen mask over its face. For a number of minutes, they opposed hard to bring the tiny feline back from the brink of demise. Eventually, the orange cat leapt back to life, much to the pleasure of a distraught owner.

One life down, eight more to go.

I’m beyond grateful for these often unsung heroes. They understand that a pet is a member of the family, too. Thanks to their unbelievable work, this luck kitty didn’t suffer any permanent injuries and is making a full recovery.

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