Little boy sneaks into garage to hug someone else’s dog

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Dogs are a very special kind of animal. Unlike cats, who are standoffish, or bears, who cant be house developed, puppies will be there for you through the good times as well as the hard time. And, more often than not, your dog will sense when youre feeling down and give you a little bit of canine love that you urgently need in your life.

After a long day of run, theres nothing better than opening your doorway, seeing your precious dog, and get unconditional love until “youre feeling” the effects of your soul-crushing job slowly dissipate into thin air. Your dog is yours, and yours merely, and no one else deserves them but you.

So why did this monster child think it was OK for him to sneak into someones garage and hug a dog that is not his own?



He was likely on his route home from school when he spotted the beautiful pup in an open garage. Excited that he could hug a dog that didnt are all part of him, he hopped off of his motorcycle, operated towards the dog, unlawfully acted like he and the dog were bros, and ran off faster than Usain Bolt before the dogs owneds could place him under citizens arrest.

Just who is this dastardly dog-affection thiefand why does he think he can go around bestowing his gentle, innocent kindness on other peoples animals? Does he not have a dog of his own to play fetch with? How did he get away from the crime scene so fast? If you have any info on his whereabouts, please contact 1-900-GET-THAT-KID.

Update 4:45 pm CT, June 7: The kid’s name is Josh, and he’s not actually in trouble, but we’ve get our eye on him.

Photo via rosepettal2 8/ Flickr ( CC-BY 2.0)

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