Attain a Magical Carpet Cat Hammock With an Old Towel

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Saturday is the perfect day for some DIY


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1. An old towel you can fold in half or into a third
2. Some zpagetti yarn or other yarn that is strong enough to hold the whole thing( including your cat) up
3. A crochet hook
4. A pair of scissors
5. A big comb for constructing the tassels, but you could just as easily use your hands
6. Elastic bands for tieing the tassels
6. A coffee table you can hang the hammock from
If you can’t attach the hammock to something underneath the table, you will have to set 4 sufficiently strong hooks into the bottom of your table or into the sides of its legs


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Fold your towel and lay it out underneath your table. Make sure each corner of the folded towel is about 10 cm away from its closest table leg. If necessary, fold your towel differently or consider using a different towel. You could also cut off a strip of towel, but I wouldn’t recommend it, as the cut edge might fray when you clean your hammock or when the loose strings meet your cat’s claw. Once you’ve detected the right ‘fold’, set pits through the corners of your folded towel utilizing your knife or your scissors. Make sure to stay at least 3cm away from the leading edge of your folded towel.

Now, crochet through the holes to strengthen the corners of your hammock

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I used this video tutorial to freshen up on my( restriction) crocheting skills. I use ten slip stitches on each corner. Make sure they are tight enough not to indicate the towel through the crochet. Leave 10 cm on each end of the zpagetti to tie together and use to hang the tassels from.

For tying the hammock to the table, stimulate 4 braidings of yarn, each about 60 cm long, with knots on the ends. Wrestle the braids through the stitches of the crocheted corners, on the opposite side of the tassels.

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If thereaEUR( tm) s nothing underneath the table to tie your hammock to, attach 4 sturdy hookings to it. Hang the hammock underneath your coffee table utilizing square knots and you are done!

Via: Settle down slinki

To attract the interest of your cat, you might wishes to throw some playthings or treats into the hammock, but make sure not to force him into it. He might not be interested in the hammock on the first day, but will sure love it in the future days to come.

Via: Settle down slinki

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