Meet Gimo, The Cat With The Biggest Eyes Ever

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Remember Gimo the cat that we shared a few days ago? Of course you do! He’s impossible to forget once you’ve insured him. And if you haven’t yet been acquainted with this impossibly cute cat then take a look at the pictures below to consider what all the fuzz( sorry) is about.

Whether he’s standing on his back legs, preparing to pounce from a secret location, casually sitting in a cardboard box or simply staring at you with his big moist hypnotic eyes, Gimo does everything with a level of cuteness that puts normal cats to dishonor. In fact, he could even teach class on the art of being cute. But he’d “re going to have to” teach them in the day because you just wouldn’t see him at night. Except for his eyes that is. Those big, round, mesmerizing eyes. Don’t look at them for too long. If you do you might never escape.

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