Mexican authorities investigating the reporting of a tiger sighting

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A tiger was reportedly spotted nine months after another Bengal tiger escaped into a mangrove woodland in another part of the country

Mexican authorities are investigating reports of a tiger sighting nine months after another Bengal tiger escaped into a mangrove forest in another part of the country and was never recaptured.

An official at the environmental protection department in the attorney generals office said Thursday that inspectors were sent Wednesday to the Gulf coast state of Campeche, where residents of the township of San Francisco Koben reported insuring a tiger. The species is not native to Mexico.

The official, who was not authorized to be quoted by name, said inspectors had not insured the animal despite patrolling the region by day and using cameras with sensors at night.

The area is covered by jungle and is near coastal wetlands.

A tiger escaped in November from a restaurant in the southern nation of Guerrero and apparently killed five kine. Despite an extensive search, that tiger has never been found.

The distance and different ecosystems between Campeche and Guerrero make it unlikely but not impossible that the same animal is involved in this weeks search.

Mexican circuses have been trying to get rid of exotic animals after a law went into effect in 2015 prohibiting such acts. But narcotic lords in Mexico have also been known to keep big cat as pets.

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