Mama Busts Up A Dog Party When The Two Pets Move Their Rager Onto The Roof


If you know me at all, then this will come as no surprise to you: I have attachment issues.

I was inconsolable whenever I had to leave my pets and going to see school, so my mommy would remind me of one of my favorite volumes, Wednesday Is Spaghetti Day, byMaryann Cocca-Leffler.

The book is about a cat who invites all her cat friends over every Wednesday for spaghetti while her humans areout my mommy convinced me my dogs and cats did the same thing while I was at school so they didnt miss me much.

So, here is some real life proof pets like to THROW THE EFF DOWN while their owners are away.

You can virtually hear the Slayer album they are surely listening to.


Cooper Fleishman received this text from his mother and like the rest of us, he demanded answers.


Imagine having to tell anyone their puppies are on the roof? Its a tricky subject to broach.

Naturally, Coopers mom informs him the neighbor pretty much freaks out and she was going to leave work immediately. She also asked Coopers mom to maintained an eyeon them.

Meanwhile, she noticed a van that was driving by pass the house stop quickly and back up. A mama and two teenage sons exited the van and were about as confused as you can imagine.


I love the image of this mother trying to talk the dogs down, like a cop/ robber/ captive standoff.



The Dog Party had officially been busted.


Coopers mom finished her epic tale,

By the time she left, they were on their bed, ready for a nap after their big escapade. She came over to thank me and assure my pix, but was very shook up. I devoted her a bag of Easter Bread and one for the road.

All of my topics have been answered how they got on the roof , what happened, are they safe except one.

Whats Easter bread?

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