Adorable Moment A Real Lion Gratifies A Tiny, Make-Believe Version Of Himself

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When 11 -month-old Aryeh’s parents devoted him a name that means “lion” in Hebrew, they had no idea that their son would one day be welcomed into a real-life pride. Aryeh and his godfather were about to leave Zoo Atlanta in Georgia when they made one final stop at the lion exhibit. Recollecting that Aryeh’s […]


These Two Kittens Were Left To Die, But Now Go On Epic Adventures With Us

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Bolt and Keel were found abandoned in a bush behind the garbage bin of a local park. The plan was to take them to the local shelter, but it wasn’t open after work. The next day their humans left on a two day canoeing, hiking, and camping trip and didn’t know what to do with […]


Artist Makes Bread Cat Toy And Its So Adorable

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Rato Kim is a toy artist from Seoul, South Korea who builds mainly cat themed toys. One of his latest creations is this BreadCat toy. He schemed this item for a long time and was inspired by the image of cats sitting with their paws concealed so he made a cute plaything of that shape. […]


Algorithms outperformed us. But we still prefer human fallibility | Rafael Behr

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As technology becomes ever smarter, we cling to a comforting divide between people and machines, writes Guardian columnist Rafael Behr There are no monuments to Ned Ludd. This may be because there is no certainty that the man whose name was adopted by insurrectionary textile workers at the start of the 19 th century actually […]


IMG 1 TT The AEOS could bring electric semi trucks to the streets . RTAG 6 TTThe battery will take about an hour to charge, according to ATAG 4 TT Fortune What One Woman Caught Her Cat Doing On The Back Porch Is Beyond Bizarre

It happened in Dutch Harbor in Unalaska. This is a small island in Alaska on the Aleutian chain. A cat named Grizzle was just doing his thing when abruptly a guest decided to abruptly pop in. That visitor was a bald eagle ! Bye bye Grizzle, right? Nope. It turns out Grizzle was not in […]


The Queen’s birthday: How she became patron of 600 organisations – BBC News

Image copyright AFP/ Getty Image caption Many educational organisations – like Berkhamsted School – have the Queen as patron This weekend, the Queen’s role as patron for hundreds of charities and organisations is being celebrated with the Patron’s Lunch, the finale of her official 90 th birthday celebrations. What does it mean to be patron, […]