Amazon’s Giving Away the AI Behind Its Product Recommendations

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Amazon has become the latest tech giant that’s giving away some of its most sophisticated technology. Today the company unveiled DSSTNE( pronounced “destiny” ), an open source artificial intelligence framework that the company created in order to power its product recommendation system. Now any company, researcher, or curious tinkerer can use it for their own […]


Hundreds brave long, cold lines to snap up Snapchat Spectacles in New York

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Enthusiasm for Snapchats pop-up sale of video-capturing sunglasses bubbled into a second day as people camped out in hats, scarves and sweaters As temperatures dipped and high winds whistled down Manhattans Fifth Avenue on Tuesday hundreds waited in line for the chance to snap up this seasons must-have tech toy Snapchat Spectacles and the possibility […]


Can Children Actually Be Created By Animals Like In “The Jungle Book”?

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The new Jungle Book movie is now in cinemas, and once again it features the century-old tale of Mowgli, an orphaned boy raised by the inhabitants of the jungle. Apart from the astoundingly awesome fact that Bill Murray is voicing Baloo, the soft-hearted bear, the movies narrative will never fail to win viewers over thanks […]


More Sex Causes Male Burying Beetles To Evolve A Longer Penis

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The shape and sizing of genitals vary dramatically in the different regions of the animal kingdom. From cats with a barbed penis to the spoonlike appendage of the damselfly, there appear to be few limits to their kind. But why is there such range, especially whenconsidering specific elements of biology( such as body shape) remain […]


MIT’s New AI Can( Sort of) Fool Human With Sound Impacts

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Neural networks are already beating us at games, organizing our smartphone photos, and answering our emails. Eventually, they could be filling employment opportunities in Hollywood. Over at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory( CSAIL ), a squad of six researchers generated a machine-learning system that matches sound effects to video clips. Before you get […]