Rescuers Refuse To Devote Up On A Cow In Need, Going To Amazing Lengths To Save Her

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The good people of Animal Aid Unlimited are back at it with yet another incredible rescue video, and if you thought they were only out there helping cats and dogs, son were you incorrect. This time a cow was in desperate need of their love and care.

The poor cow was living at a trash dump after having been left there with a dozen or so bovine friends. What made this particular farm animal more in need of help was that she was slowly being strangled by a rope that was deeply embedded in her neck.

What’s amazing is the durations the rescuers went to help her, running around in a vast, putrid trash dump for four hours before they finally caught her.

Every animal deserves the right to humane therapy and that certainly includes cows. They’re living, breathing, emotional beings just like any other.

You can help construct more incredible recovery narratives like this possible by donating to our friends at Animal Aid Unlimited.

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