Spotify collaborates on new feature with dating app Bumble


Dating app Bumble is hoping its users want to share what they’ve been listening to on Spotify.

The Austin, Texas-based app, started byTinderco-founder Whitney Wolfe, allows women to take the lead in starting a dialogue, which ostensibly cuts down on the harassment or unsolicited photos that come with playing Tinder. This newly announced integration with Spotify adds another layer to the process of connect, both figuratively and literally; if a user is connected to the streaming platform, the profile will display their top-streamed artists. So, if you’ve been rocking Calming Music for Cats for the past month, you might wishes to take that into consideration, though that is a great dialogue starterespecially if you don’t have a cat.

“The partnership came about very naturally, ” a Bumble spokesperson told the Daily Dot. “There are some great friendships amongst both company’s teams and it wasnt long before we started talking about a collaboration. A little over a year later, we have a great integration thats allowing our users to make even more meaningful connections through the power of music.”


Spotify has posted its own mixtape for this occasion, made up of the more popular tracks from dating playlists on the site. The new feature is likely to be rolled out over the next few weeks.

Illustration by Jason Reed

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