Bill Maher Explains To GOP Voters Why Hillary Clinton Is Their Only Hope

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Bill Maher has a revolutionary suggestion for Republicans: They should take a punt on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton this November. The “Real Time with Bill Maher” host said on Friday night the GOP would lose the presidential elections under Donald Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz( R-Texas ), so he advised Republican supporters to do […]


Post-9/ 11 Rebuilding Isn’t The Only Reason Hedge Funds Support Hillary Clinton

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WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton argued during Saturdays Democratic presidential debate that she could take a hard line on Wall street excesses while accepting millions from the industry in campaign contributions. As proof, she pointed to attacks on her campaign shall be financed by two hedge fund billionaires. You have two billionaire hedge fund managers who […]


Know-Nothing Bigot Who Won Big

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He trashed immigrants, targeted one religion group, and brought political discourse to a new low.”> Can you believe such a crude know-nothing, immigrant-bashing, trash-talking, fickle rich guy exploiting working man nativist white racisms could advance so far politically? He was one of those partying brats with a strict father who turned serious after college, yet […]