House of horrors: inside the US wildlife repository- photo essay

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Photographer Matthew Staver and writer Oliver Milman visited the US National Wildlife Property Repository, where illegal wildlife products, from stuffed tigers to worked tusk, are stored and counted If the US had a national house of horrors, it would probably be the federal government compound that lies on the fringes of Denver, Colorado, incongruously set […]


IMG 1 TT The AEOS could bring electric semi trucks to the streets . RTAG 6 TTThe battery will take about an hour to charge, according to ATAG 4 TT Fortune What One Woman Caught Her Cat Doing On The Back Porch Is Beyond Bizarre

It happened in Dutch Harbor in Unalaska. This is a small island in Alaska on the Aleutian chain. A cat named Grizzle was just doing his thing when abruptly a guest decided to abruptly pop in. That visitor was a bald eagle ! Bye bye Grizzle, right? Nope. It turns out Grizzle was not in […]


This Dog Really Wants To Play With This Cat…So Much That He Starts Mimicking Her

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Making friends can be one of life’s most difficult challenges. Even when you think you’ve observed the perfect bestie, they might need a little more time to feel the same…which is something this hilarious husky is learning the hard way. He wants to play with his new cat friend so, so bad, but the feline […]


These heroic rodents are depicting the world why we need to rethink how we feel about rats.

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Everything you think you know about rats is wrong. Think they’re dirty? Wrong. They spend hours cleaning themselves every day. Think they were responsible for the bubonic plague? Incorrect again. It was fleas, who were just as likely to be found on cats, puppies, and even gerbils! Think they’re ugly? Wrong, incorrect, incorrect. Rats are […]


This Girl From Latvia Rescued More Than 350 Homeless Cats During Last 2 Years

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Working student Zanda Indriksone started helping homeless and abandoned cats about two years ago. Though not in high school or university she did not analyse about animals in depth, she got knowledge about cats, their nature and health from her own experience. During all this time she helped more than 350 cats. “For example, I […]


16 Amazing Animal Hybrids That You May Not Know Exist

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Remember when you were a kid and you’d describe your favourite animal but, instead of straight-up drawing a lion or something, you’d throw some wings on it and maybe a couple of flippers ? You’d end up with some sort of reject Pokemon but that’s not the phase. The phase was science! Hybrids that “youve […]


Adorable Animal Ceramics By Polish Artist aEURoeClay OperaaEUR

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Just how adorable are these handmade ceramics? Warsaw, Poland-based artist Marta Turowska generates these whimsical bowl and plates that feature our favorite animals like cats, hedgehogs and whales. Her works are all made wholly by hand on a potter’s wheel and then the animals’ tiny features are painted on. “I am passionate for clay, glazes […]


We’re so happy for these shelter animals who were donated brand new beds

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Stop what you’re doing because we’ve find it the most “aw” inducing animal video ever. The RSPCA animal shelter in Victoria, Australia, recently put out a call to animal devotees to donate their old pet’s beds to the charity. The hand-me-down beds were then gifted to 100 cats and dogs still awaiting their “forever homes.” […]