From conservative hip-hop to white power boulder, rightwing politics inspires woeful music | Jeff Sparrow

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While hip-hop is perfectly capable of conservatism, successful relationships between rappers and rightwing politics generally take a somewhat different form Last month, Mark Seymour instructed the anti-Muslim group Reclaim Australia to cease playingthe Hunters and Collectors song Holy Grail at its rallies. We stand together with refugees and asylum seekers the world over, he wrote. […]


Greyhound adoption: ‘They sleep 22 hours a day, just like giant, skinny cats’

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New South Wales plans to ban greyhound racing from next year, and the RSPCA is bracing for an influx of puppies requiring post-racing homes There are eight greyhounds in Jenny Grahams lounge room, each sporting a fleecy coat. They have been dozing the majority of members of the working day and, after a quick break […]


The Funeral Party: scenes from the world’s most morbid garb ball

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On the premonition date of 16.06.16, a gothic gala ball took over a funeral home in Hobart, Australia. It was, for lack of a better phrase, once in a lifetime The mournful audio of strings rinse over the chapel as we enter. White blooms plucked from two coffins on either side of the door are […]


Trouble in paradise: Lord Howe Island divided over plan to exterminate rats

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Rodents are threatening the unique natural environment of Australias sparsely populated Lord Howe Island. But a plan to eradicate the pests by dropping 42 tonnes of poisoned cereal is dividing the close-knit community in half Described by the UN as a zone of spectacular and scenic landscapes, Lord Howe Island is nothing if not dramatic. […]


Ai Weiwei interview: ‘In human history, there’s never been a moment like this’

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Ask the artist and dissident what he has in common with Andy Warhol and he says he loved his time. Ahead of his Melbourne show he talks about China, America, Lego and the wonders of the internet in conversation with Monica Tan So how many pieces of secondhand Lego does Ai Weiwei own? Millions, he […]