Kind strangers step into spinning car’s track to try and rescue driver

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It’s the stuff of nightmares, genuinely. And if it happened to you, you’d want these nice strangers around. Footage from Sydney, Australia on Monday has captured the moment a man’s vehicle spiralled out of control on a major road in the city’s west. After allegedly collapsing at the wheel, the man’s foot seemed to remain […]


We’re so happy for these shelter animals who were donated brand new beds

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Stop what you’re doing because we’ve find it the most “aw” inducing animal video ever. The RSPCA animal shelter in Victoria, Australia, recently put out a call to animal devotees to donate their old pet’s beds to the charity. The hand-me-down beds were then gifted to 100 cats and dogs still awaiting their “forever homes.” […]


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The secret recipe to seducing feral cats? It’s KFC .Image: Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images What’s the difference between obscenely hungover people and feral cats? The unwavering appetite for fried food, of course. Apparently, Kentucky Fried Chicken happens to be the secret ingredient in helping control the feral feline population, which poses a constant danger to […]