The Ripple Rug: You know, for cats

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Of all the products Ive seen this year , none are more worthy of our time and attention than the Ripple Rug. Generated by Fred and Natasha Ruckel, the Ripple Rug is a carpet with holes and hunks in it. Your cat can climb inside, stick its paws out, and generally get all up inside […]


Why everyone is talking about US interest rates today- and why it matters

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Todays the day the US central bank will decide, is again, whether or not to raise interest rates for the first time since 2015 but its seeming unlikely Why is everyone talking about the Federal Reserve? Because todays the day the US central bank will decide, is again, whether or not to create interest rates. […]


AI Has a Hallucination Problem That’s Proving Tough to Fix

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Tech companies are rushing to infuse everything with artificial intelligence, driven by big leapings in the power of machine learning software. But the deep-neural-network software fueling the excitement has a troubling weakness: Making subtle a modification to images, text, or audio can fool these systems into perceiving things that aren’t there. That could be a […]


Hear, boy? Pet translators will be on sale soon, Amazon says

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Retailer backs futurologists assert that devices conversing in canine will be available in, ruffly speaking, a decade Imagine talking to a tiger, chatting to a cheetah, as Dr Doolittle once sang what a neat achievement that would be. Well, Amazon has revealed that the animal-loving doctors ambition might not be entirely fantasy. Pet translators that […]