WATCH: Train Station’s Top Cat Earns Mouse-Catching Promotion, And Her Own Uniform

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Felix the cat has been working like a puppy, catching vermin from Huddersfield train station in England. And she’s now been rewarded with the official title of “senior pest controller” — which comes with this ridiculously cute uniform 😛 TAGEND Felix, who’s paid in cat treats, arrived at the station when she was just nine […]


She Was Taking Her New Kitten Home When She Had To Pull Over For A Hilarious Reason

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When you bring a new pet into your life, there’s always a little bit of uncertainty that comes along with government decisions. Will the two of you get along? Will your new friend adjust to its surroundings? But there’s usually a moment that lets you know that you’ve induced the right choice. Puppies express happiness […]


Owner Use Cat For A Purr-fect Life Hack

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Here’s another cat who earns its keep. Following in the paw-steps of the floor cleaning feline is a clever kitty that helps run wires through tight spaces. Video posted online ensures its owner holding a cable near a gap behind a TV unit. “Yeah, go ahead, pull it through, ” the man says, before a […]


This Dog Really Wants To Play With This Cat…So Much That He Starts Mimicking Her

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Making friends can be one of life’s most difficult challenges. Even when you think you’ve observed the perfect bestie, they might need a little more time to feel the same…which is something this hilarious husky is learning the hard way. He wants to play with his new cat friend so, so bad, but the feline […]