16 Adorable Rescued Pets Before And After Their Adoptions

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As the proud proprietor of a rescued puppy, I know all too well what a difference a few days of love, good food, and a comfy puffed can do for a scared pet. While my dog was “just” malnourished, I’ve written about plenty of pups and kittens who watched God knows what in their past […]


Beloved neighborhood cat honored with statue in his likeness

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Image: tombili/ facebook Beloved neighborhood cat and social media sensation, Tombili, has been forever immortalized by the adoring residents of Istanbul’s Ziverbey neighborhood. Made famous by a popularly meme’d photo portraying his signature lounging pose, Tombili passed away this past August. The city decided to honor their feline superstar by erecting a statue in his […]


They Found A Tangle Of Newborn Kittens In The Bushes, But Watch What Happens

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“I had heard the tales, but then it happened to me.” When Imgur user arthisbeapirate heard strange noises coming from her bushes, she went to investigate. Pulling the foliages back, the woman and her neighbor detected three tiny, day-old kittens. And no mom . Initially leaving them with the hope that the momma would return, […]


Every Day, This Ferocious Cat Battles The Mailman In The Funniest Way

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Everyone knows the old cliche about puppies and mailmen, but it seems pups aren’t the only ones that like to squabble with brave postal workers. Every single day, this cat — known as the “Mail Slot Menace” — waitings by the window for the mail carrier to arrive at his house, ready to do battle. […]


Meet Stevie, My Blind Rescued Cat Who Loves To Run Hiking

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Stevie is a blind rescued cat I adopted 4 years ago from a local shelter in Cork, Ireland. She’s a natural explorer and loves to accompany me on hikes in the beautiful Irish countryside and the surround mountains. When we go hiking together, she usually prefers to explore all by herself and follows my sounds […]