We’re so happy for these shelter animals who were donated brand new beds

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Stop what you’re doing because we’ve find it the most “aw” inducing animal video ever. The RSPCA animal shelter in Victoria, Australia, recently put out a call to animal devotees to donate their old pet’s beds to the charity. The hand-me-down beds were then gifted to 100 cats and dogs still awaiting their “forever homes.” […]


This Poor Cat…Only In Eastern Europe. This Is Definitely Animal Cruelty!

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Not to stereotype, but let’s be honest, there are a lot of crazy videos that come out of Eastern Europe. Granted, I’m sure an equal number of crazy videos are created in America and Western european countries. However, they don’t often get as much media traction as the ones from Russia and other former Soviet […]


Do Cats Cause Schizophrenia? Believe the Science, Not the Hype

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Cats, you might have heard, cause schizophrenia. Or–more recently–they do nothing of the kind. It’s a decades-long scientific investigation, infrequently punctuated by headline-grabbing stories that definitively claim one or the other, depending on whatever the newest sliver of studies indicates. The most recent examine, published this Tuesday in the journal Psychological Medicine , inspired dozens […]


91 -Year-Old Woman Succumbed Protecting Her Cat From A Tornado, And The Cat Survived

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John has been a fireman for 34 years. Over the past few decades, he’s considered plenty of extermination, but what he saw after a tornado blew through this neighborhood really violated his heart. While going through some rubble, he came here across the body of a 91 -year-old woman whose home had been flattened by […]


25 Super-Stealthy Animals Who May Or May Not Be Actual Ninjas

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Every time I sit down on my sofa, my cat makes a beeline for my lap. Even if I’m use my computer and too busy for snuggles, he persists with his stealthy ears bent back and slowly, ever so slowly , creeping under my arm. Of course he always succeeds, but not because of what […]


One-Eyed Kitty Swims, Surfs And Is All Around Paw-some

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Most cats are scared of water, but Kuli isn’t your median kitty. The cat, that is a year-and-a-half old, is constructing waves all over the Internet with his love for surfing and swimming. kulithesurfingcat Get smitten for this kitten. According to the feline-focused blog and resource organisation, Adventure Cats, roommates Krista Littleton and Alexandra Gomez […]


Rescue Cat Turns Broken Jaw Into Gorgeous Smile

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Last year, Duchess the Miracle Cat was brought in to a Texas animal hospital. She had a broken jaw and other complications after being hit by a auto, but the the kind physicians at the Texas based Adobe Animal Hospital had faith, and decided to perform surgery. “Most places would’ve merely euthanised her, but by […]