A New ‘Kitten-Garten’ Could Save 1,000 Kittens

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There’s a sad truth to kittens. Sometimes, because of lack of funding and space … they don’t always make it. Thankfully chiefly have realise this and are making a difference. Like the Pasadena Humane Society who will be giving kittens between 4 to 8 weeks old, a chance at life through the new “Kitten-garten” program. […]


Mystery animal lover leaves $8,000 in shelter gift box

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Think you love cats? Good luck topping this. An anonymous donor softly left $8,000 in the Pasadena Humane Society’s Neely Cat Center donation box around 11 a.m. on Wednesday. Yes, that’s $8,000 400 twenty-dollar bills, to be precise. SEE ALSO: Can you find the cats hiding in this Latvian mayor’s office ? That’s a lot […]


18 Animals Who Are So Confused By All This Sorcery

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Our pets are so wise when it comes to matters of treats, belly scratch, and trips to the park. But ask them to explain complex matters like memory foam or lemons and you’ll likely be met with baffled silence. Take it from these confounded pets…what you’re showing them is surely sorcery. 1. “Wait…what in the? […]


Why Are Cats So Insanely Afraid Of Cucumbers?

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Cats are deeply curious beasts. Recent proof been shown that these tiny lionssee us as inessential landowners, or rubbish, fur-lacking kittens. A new internet craze involving our feline companions has unveiled another piece of strange information: For some utterly bizarre reason, they appear to be frightened utterly terrified of cucumbers. In the vast majority of […]


19 Cat Just, You Know, Awkwardly Standing Around Like Humen

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We all know this simple fact about cats: they’re not humen. But try telling them that and they’ll be all… But that’s okay. Their silly overreactions to just about everything( including inanimate, unmoving objects) are part of their charm. Well, that and the fact that they have the hilarious habit of standing around like little, […]