A human rights activist, a secret prison and a tale from Xi Jinping’s new China

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Peter Dahlin spent 23 days in a black prison in Beijing, where he says he was deprived of sleep and questioned with a communication improvement machine. Here he tells the story of his incarceration and expulsion from the Peoples Republic Some nights Peter Dahlin says he tucks a big-ass knife under his bed in case […]


Ai Weiwei interview: ‘In human history, there’s never been a moment like this’

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Ask the artist and dissident what he has in common with Andy Warhol and he says he loved his time. Ahead of his Melbourne show he talks about China, America, Lego and the wonders of the internet in conversation with Monica Tan So how many pieces of secondhand Lego does Ai Weiwei own? Millions, he […]