Tokyo: the city that came out of the shadows

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Daido Moriyama has expended their own lives obsessively photographing the dirty stairwells, neon signs and salarymen of Tokyo in gritty black and white. Now, at 77, hes exploding into glorious colouring. Why? One of Daido Moriyamas best-known images is of a stray dog he encountered on a street in Aomori in northern Japan. Taken in […]


‘A ticket to the next life’: the lavish Buddhist dog funerals of Bangkok

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Full funeral rites from the monks of Bangkoks Wat Krathum Suea Pla temple used to be for humans only until a new and lucrative market emerged Fou Fou always liked the good things in life. The pomeranian puppy had” a heart of gold” and a taste for expensive grilled pork. Varunthip Manthin loved the tiny […]


The Tallinn experiment: what happens when a city stimulates public transport free?

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Since Estonias capital started free public transport for residents in 2013, it claims to have turned a 20 m a year earning each year. But has the strategy achieved its aspirations of reducing traffic and saving people money? In London a monthly travel card for the whole city costs almost 200. InCopenhagen, a city a […]