Ai Weiwei interview: ‘In human history, there’s never been a moment like this’

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Ask the artist and dissident what he has in common with Andy Warhol and he says he loved his time. Ahead of his Melbourne show he talks about China, America, Lego and the wonders of the internet in conversation with Monica Tan So how many pieces of secondhand Lego does Ai Weiwei own? Millions, he […]


Leona Lewis on joining Broadway’s Cats: ‘The show’s got a lot of heart’

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The X Factor built her a global starring, then she provided Jimmy Page with his proudest post-Zep moment. Ten years on, Lewis is inducing the leaping to Broadway When it comes to credentials for a long career in pop, winning The X Factor has proved about as reliable as a certain degree from Trump University. […]


Why pandas are black and white and 24 other things you might not know about these animals.


Is there anything cuter than a panda bear? GIF via Toronto Zoo/ YouTube. I mean, truly … merely look at that face. Its no accident that these adorable beings have come to symbol vulnerable species worldwide they are simply irresistible. Scientists even have a name for species like pandas “charismatic megafauna” because these animals have […]


Crush of the week: Oscar Isaac

A frenzied and hysterical worship of the American actor is under way. Yes, the communal crush is in full swing The internets cycles are as old as the internet itself: we discover something en masse, fixate upon it, and then, unavoidably, cool towards that thing. With the notable exception of cats, it happens for everything […]