10+ Cats Who Love Sun More Than Anything

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It’s a well known and established fact that when cats are not taking a nap, they are usually plotting to take over the world. Probably the only pastime they love more than doing those two things is soaking up the sun. And they’re not doing it to get their dose of Vitamin D. Cat’s regular […]


This Girl From Latvia Rescued More Than 350 Homeless Cats During Last 2 Years

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Working student Zanda Indriksone started helping homeless and abandoned cats about two years ago. Though not in high school or university she did not analyse about animals in depth, she got knowledge about cats, their nature and health from her own experience. During all this time she helped more than 350 cats. “For example, I […]


10+ Animals That Are So Round They’ll Roll Straight Into Your Heart

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What you’re considering is not the work of some sorcery or Photoshop, these animals are actually perfectly round. There’s nothing better than looking like a fluffy ball of cuteness and these animals are ready to show it off, cause, newborn, they were born this style! While predators come in all shapes and sizes, these adorable […]


Under-Cats: I Photograph Cats From Underneath

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As a person who loves both cats and photography I couldnt miss an opportunity to express myself during the international Cat show which lately took place in Vilnius, Lithuania. The notion about taking photos from underneath received from the similar photo which I randomly found on the internet. I was fascinated by their cute little […]


Kevin the permanently surprised cat has a story to inspire you

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Image: theadventuresofkev/ instagram A very special rescue cat named Kevin has eluded the odds after being diagnosed with a condition called hydrocephalus and given six months to live. Now four years old, the adorable Russian Blue is capturing our hearts with his extremeperseverance, peppy personality, and thepermanently amazed look on his face. Mashable spoke with […]