2 New Dog Breeds Join The American Kennel Club

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Let’s give these two hounds some enthused howls and a hearty tail wag. American Kennel Club The American Hairless Terrier( left) is a small to medium sized, smoothly muscled terrier known for its energy and curious demeanor. The Sloughi( right) is a medium-large, short-haired, smooth-coated, athletic sighthound known for its graceful and reserved demeanor. The […]


We’re so happy for these shelter animals who were donated brand new beds

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Stop what you’re doing because we’ve find it the most “aw” inducing animal video ever. The RSPCA animal shelter in Victoria, Australia, recently put out a call to animal devotees to donate their old pet’s beds to the charity. The hand-me-down beds were then gifted to 100 cats and dogs still awaiting their “forever homes.” […]


25 Super-Stealthy Animals Who May Or May Not Be Actual Ninjas

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Every time I sit down on my sofa, my cat makes a beeline for my lap. Even if I’m use my computer and too busy for snuggles, he persists with his stealthy ears bent back and slowly, ever so slowly , creeping under my arm. Of course he always succeeds, but not because of what […]


Man Dedicates His Life To Adopting Old Dogs Who Can’t Find Forever Homes

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Months kept passing after Steve Greig’s beloved dog succumbed, but he still felt crushed. That’s when he chose he should dedicate another dog a good life. But not just any dog. He went to his local shelter in Denver, Colorado to adopt the “least adoptable” senior puppy, as these are the ones too often overlooked. […]


When They Got A Call About An Abandoned House, They Never Expected To Find This

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When the emergency response team at Animal Rescue Corps got a call about a desperate example of neglect on Valentine’s Day in 2014, they didn’t hesitate to drop everything and jump into action. Hamblen county officials in northern Tennessee required help with a home in Morristown, but when the ARC team arrived on-scene, they never […]