Man Dedicates His Life To Adopting Old Dogs Who Can’t Find Forever Homes

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Months kept passing after Steve Greig’s beloved dog succumbed, but he still felt crushed. That’s when he chose he should dedicate another dog a good life. But not just any dog. He went to his local shelter in Denver, Colorado to adopt the “least adoptable” senior puppy, as these are the ones too often overlooked. […]


When They Got A Call About An Abandoned House, They Never Expected To Find This

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When the emergency response team at Animal Rescue Corps got a call about a desperate example of neglect on Valentine’s Day in 2014, they didn’t hesitate to drop everything and jump into action. Hamblen county officials in northern Tennessee required help with a home in Morristown, but when the ARC team arrived on-scene, they never […]


What Your Veterinarian Wishes You’d Stop Feeding Your Pets

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Sure, a pet’s diet primarily consists of pet food, but every once in a while, some dog and cat proprietors mix things up a little bit and give their animals a savour of human food. Be careful, advises veterinarian Barbara Royal. Here are several “treats” she advises her clients to avoid when it is necessary […]