More Sex Causes Male Burying Beetles To Evolve A Longer Penis

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The shape and sizing of genitals vary dramatically in the different regions of the animal kingdom. From cats with a barbed penis to the spoonlike appendage of the damselfly, there appear to be few limits to their kind. But why is there such range, especially whenconsidering specific elements of biology( such as body shape) remain […]


Carnivorous Bats Evolved Special Skulls

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Researchers analyse at-bat skulls reveal that the carnivorous ones who eat vertebrates like frogs, lizards, birds, mice, and other bats are larger and render stronger bite forces than the individuals who feed upon insects and fruit. Vertebrate-eating at-bats without broad gapes eat only fish. The findings, “Go Big Or Go Fish, ” are published in […]


New Primate Fossils Reveal How Climate Change Assured The Rise Of Humanity

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The story of the rise of humanity is an intricate tapestry of events. Simple life had to begin after the early Earth was bombarded by asteroids and bathed in magma. A magnetic field had to be generated and strengthened for complex life to survive the harsh solar radiation. The non-avian dinosaurs had to perish so […]