The Bittersweet Sweepstakes to Build an AI That Destroys Fake News

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Autonomous 18 -wheelers are now driving the highways. Coffee table gadgets are recognizing spoken English nearly as well as humans. Smartphones apps instantly translate conversations between people speaking as many as nine different languages. But for Dean Pomerleau , none of this is all that surprising. Pomerleau built a self-driving vehicle way back in 1989, […]


Girl Breaks Up With Cheating Ex In Facebook Post, But Then He Replies To Post, Drama Ensues

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These days, it seems like Facebook is mostly a place to post pictures of your cats and try to ignore annoying relatives. But sometimes it is also a place for drama. This is one of those times. Somehow this crazy conversation is available on my feed. It features the girlfriend “Rachel”, the ex-boyfriend “Chad,” and […]