This Is What Happens To Your Body When You’re Heartbroken

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1. In the moments after being blindsided by a breakup, your heart rate might fell, indicates research in Psychological Science that looked at people’s heart rates following a social rejection they didn’t see coming( researchers we spoke with said romantic rejection can definitely be considered a kind of social rejection ). 2. Once the shock […]


‘Every crisis has a silver lining’: why Big Sur’s isolation is inducing people fitter

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Winter blizzards battered this stretching of coastal California, blocking the sole road but residents forced to leave their autoes at home have been feeling the benefit A community on the stretching of coastal California known as Big Sur has been largely cut off from the outside world since winter stormscollapsed a bridge to the north […]


California’s assisted suicide law offers new alternative for terminal patients

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Burbank Matt Fairchild, 46, is in near constant pain. Advanced melanoma has spread to his brain and bones. He takes 26 drugs a day and rarely leaves his home except to go to doctors’ appointments. Fairchild, a retired army sergeant, refuses to say he is fighting a battle against cancer, because he knows it’s one […]