We Fell In Love With This 33 -Pound Cat, So We Decided To Adopt Him And Start His Weight Loss Journey

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Hi, my name is Mike Wilson and together with my girlfriend Megan Hanneman we have a company that builds wall-mounted cat furniture designed to promote activity for indoor cats. We have two cats who help us test our furniture ideas and let us know their favorite pieces. A couple of months ago, we decided to […]


The Hot Dudes With Kittens Instagram is the only account you need to follow

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BY CLAIRE WARNER Attention, fans of cats and attractive humen: TheHot Dudes with Kittens Instagramis finally upon us. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been courageously suffering through the myriad “Hot Dudes” Instagram accounts for yearsthebeefcakes in bed, thedashing dudes with puppies, thebeauties with books. This isn’t to say that the various and sundry “Attractive […]


Kevin the permanently surprised cat has a story to inspire you

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Image: theadventuresofkev/ instagram A very special rescue cat named Kevin has eluded the odds after being diagnosed with a condition called hydrocephalus and given six months to live. Now four years old, the adorable Russian Blue is capturing our hearts with his extremeperseverance, peppy personality, and thepermanently amazed look on his face. Mashable spoke with […]